Shadows Over Loathing Cursed Key Puzzle Solution

Shadows Over Loathing is a mysterious and foreboding world filled with secrets and challenges waiting to be discovered. One such challenge involves a cursed key, which has been hidden away in a dark and treacherous dungeon. The key is said to hold great power and knowledge, but it is guarded by a powerful curse that must be broken before it can be claimed. As a brave adventurer, you have been tasked with finding the key and unlocking its secrets. However, the journey will not be easy. You must solve puzzles, defeat monsters, and overcome treacherous obstacles to reach the cursed key and break its powerful curse. Will you be able to rise to the challenge and claim the key, or will you fall victim to its dark powers? The fate of Shadows Over Loathing rests in your hands.

Shadows Over Loathing Cursed Key Puzzle Solution

First Solution For Cursed Key: First, just solve the murder correctly. This should be very easy if you just… Read the 3 paragraphs you get from everyone in the train.

Spoilers: The mom did it, because the kid is her son. She used the rubber guys weird tree poison.

After that, the inspector breaks character and goes sicko mode, basically telling you to take some ring in exchange for leaving. Obviously deny this, and assert some other fantastical solution to the murder (the giant dog is always good). (Credit: AttackTurbines Reddit user)

Shadows Over Loathing Cursed Key Puzzle Solution
Shadows Over Loathing Cursed Key Puzzle Solution

Cursed Key Question & Answers

Q: Any reason not to uncurse it? There seems to be the implication that it can unlock any door, anyone found any examples of this?

Q: I tried it out on the bank/loan building in the first area, but my character backed off after unlocking it and now no prompts or popups show up for it. Dunno if that’s normal or if something will show up later.

A: I think that’s a bug. If you unlock that door with the stat checks you can go inside.

Chapter 4 Key Curse

I feel really dumb I have no idea who did it can someone give me a hint/just tell me if you cant think of a hint?

Chapter 4 Cursed Key Solution:

While solving the murder is important. You will not uncurse the item. A curse is lifted only when the curse is broken. And this curse will try and bribe you to leave it alone.

To actually break the curse you will have to do something unexpected.

For those that just want the solution here it is:

First tell the conductor that the wife killed her husband with poison from the rubber tree to nulify her son’s bad grades. After that you will get a owl ring. Then talk to the conductor again and say that you did it in the most insane way possible. The conductor will get angry with you and break the curse and take your ring.

General Tips for Puzzle Solving

If you’re stuck on a puzzle involving a cursed key, here are a few general tips that may help:

  1. Look for clues: Often, puzzles will have clues or hints hidden throughout the game world. Pay attention to your surroundings and look for anything that seems out of place or unusual. This could include symbols, patterns, or hidden messages.
  2. Experiment with different solutions: If you’re not sure what to do, try different approaches and see what works. This could involve using different items or interacting with objects in different ways.
  3. Talk to other characters: If you’re playing a game with non-player characters (NPCs), try talking to them and seeing if they have any hints or advice. They may be able to give you clues or suggest solutions that you haven’t considered.
  4. Take a break: Sometimes, taking a break and coming back to a puzzle later can help. You may see things with fresh eyes and be able to approach the puzzle in a new way.

Without more specific information about the puzzle you’re stuck on, I’m afraid I can’t offer more targeted advice. However, I hope these tips are helpful!

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