Shindo Life Global Cooldown List

Welcome to our Shindo Life Global Cooldown guide. Complete List and Information on Iframe to Avoid Spawn and Infinite Combos in Roblox by Rell Games.

Shindo Life Global Cooldown List

GCD or Global Cooldowns are designed to prevent infinite spawns and combos. Here we show you what they are.

Shindo Life Global Cooldown List
Shindo Life Global Cooldown List

Global Cooldown List

These are all the Global Cooldowns:

  • GCD1 = Stun
  • GCD2 = AutoDodge (allowed mid combo)/Iframe/counter/TP Counter
  • GCD3 = Aggro Clones
  • GCD4 = Dunk Slam Stun
  • GCD5 = Senko: Spirit Bomb / Senko: Storm / teleport spammables
  • GCD6 = Overpowered block breakers (VOID)
  • GCD7 = Companion Stun
  • GCD8 = Old Counter Global CD (Not used) (back to GCD2) (VOID)
  • GCD9 = Breakaway (Combo Breakaway)
  • GCD10 = (Not used) (VOID)
  • GCD11 = Close Range Jutsu Stun (VOID)
  • GCD12 = Jutsu Iframe/no-Iframe Counter
  • GCD13 = AOE Pull/Click Pull

Iframe Info

You can use an Autododge (GCD 2) and Breakaway (GCD9) for getting out of combos in Shindo. Counters (GCD 2) can’t be used Mid Combo but are on the same Global Cooldown as dodges to prevent iframe spam. Certain frame and iframe moves are placed on GCD 12 (moves that aren’t combo starts).

How to Avoid Global Cooldowns?

OGs known this one, so to avoid GCD you just have to use a stun 1st, then change that stun move ‘s slot into another move, then add another stun move in an empty slot, if you don’t get it then here’s the demo (video guide by Itsthenoobish.

Click to watch on Youtube

If you want to see constantly updated roblox codes, check here:

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