Shinobi Life 2 Codes (2024 February)

Unleash your fighting prowess with codes from our guide, securing free rewards, items, and skills to dominate opponents in this intense game.

In this game where you will fight against your opponents and prove your skills and fighting prowess, you can find the codes that will give you many free rewards, items and skills in our guide.

February 7, 2024: We checked, for new Shinobi Life 2 codes

Shinobi Life 2 Codes

Redeeming Shinobi Life 2 codes makes it much easier to earn top rewards in the game. Here is the list of all active codes:

  • RELL4NewYears!– Use this code for 30k RELL Coins and 300 Spins (New)
  • AGameTheoristisGoat!– Use this code for 10k RELL Coins and 100 Spins (New)
  • 4YearsShindoDevelopment!– Use this code for 5k RELL Coins and 50 Spins (New)
  • RELLsGivingCodes!– Use this code for RELL Coins and Bonus Spins (New)
  • RELLgivingThanksMate!– Use this code for RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
  • aRELLthanksGiving!– Use this code for 30k RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
  • RELLThanksGivingL0L!– Use this code for RELL Coins and Bonus Spins
  • RELLCodeGivings!– Use this code for 60k RELL Coins and 900 Spins
  • RELLGems!– Use this code for RELL Coins and Bonus Spins

Expired codes:

  • RayDangone!
  • RaySmolman!
  • RayWHO0!
  • RayNaygan!
  • NoCodeBackwards!
  • edocoNLOL!
  • CodeManCan!
  • CodeTanW4nPan!
  • CodeSamaLam4!
  • CodeSanLan!
  • borunarudog!
  • g00dboiman!
  • makivsmaki
  • boruvkama
  • Rykandonoman!
  • Rykansanm4n!
  • Rykanf4ns!
  • Rykanfanbanz!
  • RykanLandz!
  • RELLBLinesLOL!
  • RELLbloodmanline2!
  • RELLoraBLOODoraLine!
  • RELLbeatdownBL!
  • RELLkayg33!
  • RELLSeasSneak!
  • mustyAk00m4!
  • berellmyboi!
  • m0reC0de3z!
  • happybdayaxzel!
  • deC8dezhere!
  • BigmanBoy0z!
  • NarudaUzabaki!
  • SessykeUkha!
  • donnDeAizen3!
  • sigmab8l3!
  • EspadaAiz!
  • SheendoLeaf!
  • DeT1m3esN0w!
  • NewY34rShindo!
  • DisEsn0tDe3nd!
  • ShindoXm4z1!
  • ShindoXm4z2!
  • m4dar4kum5!
  • kemekaAkumna!
  • kemekaAkumnaB!
  • 10kRsea!
  • 29kRsea!
  • timeslowsdown!
  • 3y3sofakum4!
  • y3zs1r!
  • g00dt1m3zW1llcome!
  • theT1m3isN34R!
  • 16kRChe!
  • HALLOW33N3v3n7!
  • beleave1t!
  • 15kRCboy!
  • doG00dToday!
  • HALLOW33N2022!
  • 17kRCboy!
  • 0unce0fcomm0n5ense!
  • 20kcoldRC!
  • RELLtuffm0ns!
  • PuppetM0ns!
  • IndraAkumon!
  • IndraAkum0n!
  • bicmanRELLm0n!
  • FizzAlphi!
  • 2ndYearSL2hyp3!
  • 2ndYearSL2hype!
  • bigmanRELLman!
  • 6hindoi5lif35!
  • Alph1RELL!
  • AprreciateDeLittletings!
  • MinakazeTentaci0n!
  • rayK3r3d4!
  • b4tmonBigm4n!
  • ss5Shindo55!

How to Redeem codes?

To redeem codes in Shinobi Life 2 (Shindo Life), adhere to the following steps:

Shinobi Life 2 redeem codes
  1. Open Shinobi Life 2 on Roblox.
  2. Choose the Edit option in the Game Mode Select screen.
  3. Input the code exactly as it appears above into the text box located in the top-right corner labeled [YouTube Code].
  4. If entered correctly, the reward will be applied automatically!

Codes serve as just one avenue to acquire Spins in Shinobi Life 2. Once you’ve exhausted the available codes, you can still earn additional Spins and RELL Coins by engaging in the intended gameplay of Shinobi Life 2.

Using Spins in Shinobi Life 2 is a straightforward process:

  1. Navigate to the Edit menu to access your Spins.
  2. Within the menu, choose either Elements or Bloodlines.
  3. Press the Spin button beneath your selection to test your luck.
  4. It’s advisable not to leave your Spins unused, as doing so doesn’t provide any benefit to the player.

Additionally, there is a cap of 500 Spins that you can hold at once, and exceeding this limit is not possible unless you acquire the Shinobi Life 2 Spin Storage Gamepass. Consider purchasing the Gamepass if you wish to expand your Spin storage capacity.

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