Shinobi Life 2 Kekkei Genkai List

Shinobi Life 2 Kekkei Genkai List

Shinobi Life 2 Kekkei Genkai Guide Full List

Kekkei Genkai are the capabilities that you get out of your clan. You should spin for those withinside the customization menu.

Kekkei Genkai Common

Common Kekkei Genkai rarity or probabilities are 1/6 (16,66%)

  • Explosion (1/6): Mine Rush, Mine Fist and additionally Atomic
  • Wood (1/6): Strike attack, Wood Bind and additionally Multi Strike
  • Ice (1/6): Stream Dash, Fog Dissollution and additionally Mist Stream
  • Crystal (1/6): Bullet Needles, Diamond Prison and additionally Spike Blaze
  • Mud (1/6): Quicksand Wave, Erupt Slide and additionally Mud Dragon
  • Boil (1/6): Stream Dash, Fog Dissolution and additionally Mist Stream

Kekkei Genkai Uncommon

Uncommon Kekkei Genkai rarity or probabilities are 1/30 (3,33%) to 1/35 (2,85%)

  • Storm (1/30): Heavenly Thunder, Laser Circus and additionally Lightning Burst
  • Nara (1/30): Stitching, Reflect and additionally Reflection Overload
  • Scorch (1/32): Heat control, Agony Burn, and additionally Heat Disperse
  • Sand (1/35): Sand Tsunami, Sand Coffin and additionally Sand Suspensi0n
  • Ketsuryugan (1/35): Blood burst, Genjutsu and additionally Dragon Song
  • Kaguya (1/35): Bone Burst, Spine Vine and additionally Kaguya Mode

Kekkei Genkai Rare

Rare Kekkei Genkai rarity or probabilities are 1/40 (2,5%) to 1/45 (2,22%)

  • Lava (1/40): Lava Breath, Pillar Burst and additionally Burning Floor
  • Kamizuru (1/40): Poison Blitz, Bee Rush and alo Honey Freeze
  • Hoshigaki (1/40): Shark Rush, Whirling Tide and additionally Super Shark Bomb
  • Yuki Ice (1/40): Mirrors, Blizzard and additionally Yuki Dragon
  • Ash (1/45): Burning Bullets, Burning Fog and additionally Burning Breath
  • Namikaze (1/45): Flash Step, Time Jump, and additionally Time Stop
  • Shirogame (1/45): Puppet Bombs, Puppet Pison and additionally Lizard Blitz

Ultra Rare Genkai

Ultrarare Kekkei Genkai rarity or probabilities are 1/50 (2%) to 1/75 (1,33%)

  • Paper (1/50): Paper Birds, Shuriken Seeker and additionally Paper Vortex
  • Black Lightning (1/50): Black Panther, Floor Stun and additionally Panther Blitz
  • Iron Sand (1/50): Iron Shower, Iron Tsunami and additionally Iron Fist
  • Uzumaki (1/55): Sealing Chains, Blitz Chains and additionally Seal Trap
  • Gold Dust (1/60): Burst, Imperial and additionally Storm
  • Inuzuka (1/70): Tunneling Fang, Fang Over Fang and additionally Fang Barrage
  • Sharingan (1/75): Replication, Reallity Control and additionally Reflex Enhance
  • Clay (1/75): C1, C1 Scatter and additionally C3

Legendary Genkai

Legenrary Kekkei Genkai rarity or probabilities are 1/100 (1%)

  • Byakugan (1/100): Air Palms, Palm Rotation and additionally 128 Palms
  • Senju Wood (1/100): Roots of Earth, Worlding Flower and alo Deep Forest
  • Rinnengan (1/100): Shinra Tensei, Banshou Tenin and additionally Chibaku Tensei
  • Itachi Mangekyou Sharingan (1/100): Crow Illusion, Tsukuyomi and additionally Amaterasu Blaze
  • Obito‚Äôs Mangekyou Sharingan (1/100): Dimension, Control, Intangible
  • Jashin (1/90): Death Counter, Death Possession and additionally Pentagram Domain

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