Slay the Princess All Endings

In the dark and intriguing world of “Slay the Princess,” the fate of the princess lies in your hands, and your choices can lead to various endings. However, killing her requires considerable effort. Nevertheless, there are several ways to finish the game. Take a look at our detailed Slay the Princess All Endings guide for more information and decide how you want to conclude the game!

Slay the Princess All Endings Guide

We have told you about the endings you can reach in the game with our Slay the Princess All Endings guide! So how is the game progressing? Upon her introduction, the Princess presents herself as a slender and fair woman with long, parted hair that cascades to the sides. She adorns an off-shoulder dress with short, puffy sleeves, complemented by low-heeled shoes and a jeweled tiara. Her right arm is tethered to the basement wall, and her most striking feature is her exceptionally large, anime-like eyes. The Princess openly admits to having no recollection of her own name.

Her initial demeanor and salutations will undergo shifts contingent upon your choices upon entering the Cabin. This spectrum spans from a soft-spoken and polite disposition to expressions of fear, cold and condescending tones, and even moments of outright menace. As the Narrator asserts, “she will lie, she will cheat,” employing any means necessary to evade her own demise. The Princess displays a notable resistance to pain, enduring injuries and harm that would prove catastrophic, if not fatal, to most humans. Moreover, she possesses unexpected strength, capable of shattering a jaw with a single blow despite her slight build. Nevertheless, she remains mortal, and it remains entirely feasible to end her life, either through the use of the Blade or by overpowering her through other means.

Her appearance in the second chapter hinges on the Player’s decisions in the preceding chapter. In contrast to the Narrator, the Princess retains memories of prior events and the ensuing time loops.

All Endings

The Easiest Ending: The Spectre Route

The simplest path to an ending in “Slay the Princess” is to follow the Spectre route but accept the Narrator’s reward. Here’s how to achieve it:

  1. Accept the knife offered by the Spectre.
  2. Use the knife to slay the princess immediately.
  3. Reject the Voice of the Hero when questioned about your happiness.

Congratulations, you’ve saved the kingdom and will receive a peculiar, poorly drawn card for your efforts.

The Second Easiest Ending: Walk Away from the Cabin

For another relatively straightforward ending, choose to walk away from the cabin on every second or third chapter. By avoiding providing The Shifting Mound with any vessels, you will eventually conclude the game completely.

Final Endings: The Challenging Paths

To experience the game’s ultimate endings, you need to go through four different routes and provide The Shifting Mound with four unique versions of the Princess. Once you’ve accomplished this, you can explore the following outcomes:

Escape the Construct as Gods
  1. Accept The Shifting Mound’s offer to become gods together.
  2. Tell her you’re ready to move on and awaken.
  3. Together, you and The Shifting Mound will transcend the confines of the construct and step into the beyond.
Slay the Princess
  1. Refuse The Shifting Mound.
  2. Choose any options labeled “[Slay the Princess].”
  3. The Voice of the Hero takes you to the heart of the cabin.
  4. Take the knife and choose to slay the princess one last time.
  5. Awaken to your godhood and the new world created by it, with just you and all the Voices (except Smitten). It’s finally over, and you’ll need to figure out your next steps.
Reset Everything
  1. Follow the same steps as for the “Slay the Princess” ending, but don’t slay her.
  2. Sit with the princess and agree to her plan to reset.
  3. The game will force a reset back to Chapter One, regardless of your choice.
Leave Together
  1. Don’t pick up the knife when the Voice of the Hero takes you to the princess.
  2. Sit with her and engage in a conversation.
  3. Your only option after talking will be to leave the cabin together, which concludes the game.

A Note on Endings

The route you choose initially will influence how the princess reacts to you in the final cabin. If you didn’t take the knife, she’ll resemble the Damsel more, while taking the knife results in the default tone. Additionally, the Voices you hear at the end of the game correspond to the ones you encountered in your routes. If you want to hear all of them at once, include the Razor in your vessels.

The “Slay the Princess” game has no true ending, so your preferred ending is a matter of personal preference. Whether you aim for one or all of them, you’ve successfully navigated the game’s intricate choices. Well done!

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