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Soda Dungeon 2 – How to Finish Story While AFK

How to Finish Story While AFK

Starter Guide

Starting Out

Run soda junkies until…

To start off you need to most effective purchase the carpenter, thief & medic sodas.
(Your going to be strolling four carps, 1 thief & 1 medic when you get hp regen relic until you attain one thousand, different then killing unique bosses)
(Your going to ought to transfer those three, in distinctive positions, relying for your dmg atm)
Starting out run whatever until thief receives ransack. (your medic need to have her aoe heal as well)

Ransack +

(Use the Ransack script so that you get greater ore)

Now which you have Ransack, run the equal group however type them. (in case you click on your celebration and click on the blue and purple arrows getting in a circle, you could alternate celebration order)

Have the thief first, the relaxation of the carps subsequent and the nurse last.
This will assist you advantage essence a lot.

Essence pt.1

Now which you have essence unlocked, spend money on DMG first, then HP regen whilst you liberate it. Other then that identityentification take Gold, until you got the whole thing different then the 500m upgrades. Level (on this order after DMG and HP regen) MP, HP, Gold, Stat Resist, then the relaxation equally.


Take three medics and also you need to without problems end Arena.
Arena is a touch bit distinctive due to the fact that they have got harm mirrored image and your carps will die from Nailed.

Certain Bosses

On your manner to one thousand, you’ll attain positive bosses that require a particular strategy.
The Boss that does aoe dmg on one side, have as a minimum 2 Nurses, one of every side.
The Boss with the BBQ, kill the BBQ first. You want to try this manually and in all likelihood want a nurse.
The Boss one thousand will placed your men to sleep, liberate the anti sleep accent and equip as a minimum 1 on a Nurse and any other for your maximum harm dealing carp.



  • 1 Enemy : Is ore : Default Attack
  • 2 Enemy : HP < 10% : Default Attack
  • 3 Enemy : Isn’t Ore : Nailed It


  • 1 Enemy : Has Essence : Ransack

The Dark Lord

  • 1 Enemy : Is ore : Default Attack
  • 2 Enemy : Team Alive > 2 : Strongest Group Attack

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