Solasta Crown of the Magister Achievements Guide

Hello everyone from our Solasta Crown of the Magister Achievements guide! Perform opportunity attacks, manage the player’s position and the verticality of the battlefield. In Solasta, you make the choices, the dice determine your destiny. In this guide, you will learn about the achievements that will affect your choices and the ways to reach them!

Solasta Crown of the Magister Achievements Guide

Welcome to our Solasta Crown of the Magister Achievements Guide. Guide with strategies and ideas with detailed explanations on how to achieve achievements quickly and easily!


Below are the basic achievements that you will get with very little effort and will happen organically.


An Easy Victory

  • Finish a fight with only one character alive


  • Finish the game without no character ever dying

Death is only the beginning

  • Resurrect a fallen character

How do you want to do this?

  • Kill an enemy with a critical hit

Worth it

  • Damage a friendly character with a spell

Close shave

  • Have a character stabilize with 2 failed death saving throws

Humpty Dumpty

  • Have a character die or go unconscious from falling

Watch your step!

  • Have an enemy fall to their death

Not on my watch!

  • Kill an enemy during their turn

It’s super effective!

  • Deal the appropriate type of damage to an enemy with vulnerability

It’s just a flesh wound

  • Take a critical hit without going down

Gold makes Solasta go round

  • Have 20,000 gold in your inventory

Stay awhile and listen

  • Identify 20 magic items

Why can’t I hold all these magic items?

  • Have one character attune to 3 magic items

Monster hunters

  • unlock bestiary information 100 times

Step into my realm

  • Create a dungeon using the Dungeon Maker

A whole new world

  • Enter a custom dungeon

Better With Friends

  • Create a multiplayer session

Character Creation

You need to create a character of each class, you also in the crown of the magister campaign exclusively, need to complete most background quest. These can only be completed during the crown of the magister campaign so be prepared to play through it a few times. At some point a character will inform you of a quest and upon completing it you will gain the achievement.
Do yourself a favor and plan out to maximize efficiency


  • Use “Reroll Dice” more than 20 times in Character Creation

You bow to no one

  • Create a ranger

It’s rogue, not rouge

  • Create a rogue

Yer a wizard, Henry

  • Create a wizard

Deus Vult

  • Create a paladin

I need healing!

  • Create a cleric

Beat ’em up

  • Create a fighter

The classics

  • Start the campaign with a fighter, wizard, rogue and cleric

I cast fist!

  • Start the campaign with no cleric or wizard

Background Quest

These are quest that you can do by selecting a specific background in character creation. Once again just take not and don’t repeat backgrounds, you can do it in two runs!

My tailor is rich

  • Complete the Aristocrat background quest

To be or not to be

  • Complete the Philosopher background quest

Let me see those coins

  • Complete the Lowlife background quest

My faith is my shield

  • Complete the Acolyte background quest

My sword is yours

  • Complete the Sellsword background quest

The quill is mightier than the sword

  • Complete the Academic background quest

Justice is blind

  • Complete the Lawkeeper background quest

I spy with my little eye

  • Complete the Spy background quest


In a single campaign (per achievement) kill 20 enemy’s with all damage types (piercing, fire, lightning, psychic, etc.) These are semi easy to get just simply have a tracker and have characters to focus those damage types and get these done. (Party of four shock arcanist wizards works really well.) I have uploaded a custom dungeon that can make this achievement extremely easy. Just check my profile.

Fire at will

  • Kill 20 enemies using fire damage in a single campaign

Ice ice baby

  • Kill 20 enemies using frost damage in a single campaign


  • Kill 20 enemies using thunder damage in a single campaign


  • Kill 20 enemies using lightning damage in a single campaign

Death Adder

  • Kill 20 enemies using necrotic damage in a single campaign


  • Kill 20 enemies using radiant damage in a single campaign

Melting pot

  • Kill 20 enemies using acid damage in a single campaign

Ah, sweet toxicity!

  • Kill 20 enemies using poison damage in a single campaign

That’s a lot of magic missiles!

  • Kill 20 enemies using force damage in a single campaign

A battle of wits

  • Kill 20 enemies using psychic damage in a single campaign

Every problem looks like a nail

  • Kill 20 enemies using bludgeoning damage in a single campaign

Measure twice, cut once

  • Kill 20 enemies using slashing damage in a single campaign

Shish Kebab

  • Kill 20 enemies using piercing damage in a single campaign

Critical thinking

  • Land 50 critical hits in a single campaign


You then need to craft 20 items from each crafting kit (except smith’s tool kit). This does NOT need to be in a single campaign (at least my math and own achievements supported that, not 100% sure), (what I did was have a resource character and just worked on it here and there with a tally system.)

Deadly to the touch

  • Use the poisoner’s kit 20 times

Stop complaining about the taste

  • Use the herbalism kit 20 times

Enchantment? Enchantment!

  • Use the manacalon rosary 20 times

What a spellcaster truly needs

  • Use the scroll kit 20 times

Faction Reps

You need to get 80 reputation in each of the main factions in crown of the Magister, scavengers and principality are going to happen no matter what. What I did was just simply save all the books/ artifacts that you can turn in until the very end of the campaign. Just save and then turn in the books all the way, get a achievement, reload, and move to another faction, rinse and repeat.

Champions of the Principality

  • Max out your reputation with the Principality of Masgarth

Champions of the Scavengers

  • Max out your reputation with the Scavengers

Champions of the Tower

  • Max out your reputation with the Tower of Knowledge

Champions of the Arcaneum

  • Max out your reputation with the Arcaneum

Champions of the Circle

  • Max out your reputation with the Circle of Danatar

Champions of the Antiquarians

  • Max out your reputation with the Antiquarians

Iron Man Tips


  • Finish the game without no character ever dying

Give me a real challenge

  • Finish the game on Iron man mode

Finally there are two that are extremely annoying to get. One is finish the ENTIRE crown of the magister campaign on iron man mode and finish a campaign with no character dying.
I finished each of these on standard difficulty with no issues, BUT I would recommend on your second playthrough (after your initial playthrough and after you finished 4 background quest), starting a party with 3 barbarians and one rogue (for range and sneak attack, creatures will die in one hit) with the other backgrounds needed for the achievements. You then CAN put the custom difficulty onto “easy mode” 20% dmg, and 50% health. -10 for enemies, and +10 for allies.

Here you can go through and breeze through the campaign, picking up any missing achievements along with the two “hardest” ones.

Crown Of The Magister Campaign


These are the achievements that you will get by just playing the campaign. You do NOT need to make any choices to gain these achievements!
Listed below are the achievements in order or gaining them:

I swear: Finish the tutorial mission and become a officer.

The plot thickens: Enter the bunker with the four soldiers, first area you go to in the campaign (caer lem outpost).

Believe us now?: Show proof the soraks are real (either gained leaving the bunker, or returning to the council after gaining the crown.

Crown of the magister: Gain the crown cannot physically miss.

Master of Necromancy: After the bone keep, gain the gem from Mardracht.

Master of Abjuration: Reunite Kythaela (elf lady from the monistary), with her master.

Climbing the Ranks: Return to the council post third gem.

Master of Evocation: Defeat Arrok in the throne room: save yourself the time and pain, just rush him by entering the red keep early, no need to gain the help of the tribes. Just have the spell banishment.

Master of Conjuration: Defeat the master of conjuration: just rush through the forest and complete all the mini encounters and then win against the dragon.

TRAITORS: Enter the house of the traitor, can’t miss as its part of the main story.

Into the Breach: Enter the final area of the campaign: I would recommend while your in this area to save all spells and rely only on short rest abilities. The final fight CAN be challenging and you need all the spells you can have access to.

Heros of Solasta: Beat the game! Nothing to add just be better!


These are achievements that depend on the choices the player makes during the campaign. I will be organizing these in a location based manner and giving insights as to how to easily gain these. The bottom line is you should save when the choice/ area is coming up that way you can ensure the achievement and alternate pathways!

Caer Lem Choices:

These choices are based on who you want to follow you for the remaining of the first quest, the outcome of these choices are pretty in consequential so you don’t need to really focus on the outcome. There are 4 achievements here one for each person. So I will give a guide on how to complete this in two loads for maximum efficiency. (You can pick which pathway you would like to make your real “cannon” just adjust accordingly)

Load One:

  • This attempt we will be saving Robar for the “mutinous thoughts” and we will be saving Lisbath for the “I have my doubts.” Lisbath will only live if you make these choices so that’s why we paired them up together. After talking to the group and individual you will come to a discussion portion with your party. Here you will suggest that Robar is a strong leader and then you can speak to the characters once more. You will go down to Robar and convince him to become the captain overthrowing Beryl Stonebeard. Failure to make the two skill checks will fail this attempt as Lisbath will die. After succeeding Berly will walk away and that’s when the attack takes place. CONGRATS you finished this attempt and after killing the sorak should gain the achievement.

Load Two:

  • Reload the save, this attempt we will be saving Daliat “Wasn’t Me”, and Berly “I’m not paid enough for that”. Simply for this one, same concept as the last one. Instead of talking to Robar, you will speak to Daliat. Here you need to succeed on a persuasion check and after that you fight the sorak. Robar will die here and therefore Lisbeth will stay behind. Kill the sorak and you are granted the other two achievements.

Bone Keep Choices:

  • There are four achievements that you will gain in this area. Once again save and load before these in-order to gain both outcomes.


Making your way through the keep after you talk to the granny, you will eventually fight a group with a badlands ghoul, a normal ghoul, and a skeleboy, there will then be a little jump across and you will be meet with a closed double door, save here…

We are friends, not food:

  • After making your way through the door you will be met with the vampire Aksha, to gain this achievement simply make the persuasion check of “You can eat my friends” (should be the most left option). A successful roll will grant you this achievement. Then reload the save

We don’t negotiate with monsters:

  • Simply kill Aksha, I would recommend this path, although its a semi hard fight. You gain LOTS of good armor and weapons along with a few blueprints.


After the annoying teleportation maze room, you will fight a few skeletons including a wizard skele. After this there is a short hallway and another sealed door, just like previous, save here.

Back in my days…:

  • This achievement is really easy to get, simply tell him you are saving solasta and he will give you the gem. A easy roll of persuasion.

You get nothing! Good day sir!:

  • This one is sorta hard to get as you need to FAIL to negotiate and simply kill him and his crew.

Other Choice Based Quest:


“Where do you think you’re going?”

  • Another easy challenge, post abjuration gem quest, you will gain a optional quest to chase the vampire Razan back outside. You will find a small ruin outside to the side of the main entrance into the main building. Here you will find a tomb and interacting with it will start the fight.
  • This is a tough fight, you need to kill two legendary creatures and a few tanky ads. Its ideal to defeat his wife first as she will be annoying but is easier to kill, then deal with the ads, then Razan himself. Be careful because he will teleport around and target your squishy characters.
  • After killing him you will gain the achievement

Arwin Merton Quest:

There are two achievements associated with Arwin Merton. The legendary quest is dependent on you befriending him which we will go over right now.

The Old Guard:

  • After returning to Caer Cyflen a few times (I think twice but not sure) you will gain a very subtle quest to speak to Anne about the drunkard. You will speak to Anne and then get the quest to follow up and speak to Merton. He will tell you to leave him alone and then you forget about him for a while. After you reach Coperann as you are leaving (make sure you go through the main gate) you will run into a female who hands you a sword and tells you to “remind Merton of his promise.” You will then have a pretty cool sword but you need to head back to the main city and return the sword to Merton. After this you are good. I am pretty sure you get the achievement after the sword return but just added the extra steps just in case.
  • In the final parts of the campaign after the crown has been taken from you, Merton will meet you in the middle part of the town and ask to tag along. Obviously say yes, and you have befriended him.


  • After befriending Arwin Merton, you will gain a quest through talking to him/ the quest board. You MUST do this quest before you loose the crown (you will know when this is as the main mission’s title is “point of no return”). This quest will appear near the end of the game so once you return his sword just put this on pause.

The quest itself isn’t to hard the puzzle is the most annoying part, but just have good spells prepared and you will be all okay 🙂

Lost Valley

I have 100% the game and I can confidently say that the lost valley is the most painful DLC in the game. Certain achievements were bugged pre-palace of ice, but a patch came in and fixed MOST of the issues with the ending cutscences (I would save before exiting just in case)

All ending achievements along with the complex and forge complex achievements will be granted during THE END cut scene, ahead are spoilers but an explanation of all lost valley achievement guide. (In a semi efficient manner)


  • Just progress through the story, early on.

Every other achievement will be listed in sections. You will need to play through a few different times, although you can easily make save files and just alter to other endings as you approach the ending. I would not recommend this as the ending decisions are VERY VERY weird and unstable at best. Just run through the campaign to get a few of the obscure achievements and then go for the remaining endings!

Below is a list of the achievements and then following it will be my “guide” on how to achieve them!

The solution is brute force: quickly return without the scepter and win the fight against the redeemers and leave. (Turn difficulty down to easy and win)

What will they do with it: Follow the forge quest line, easiest way

Not taking any chance: Kill Sitenero, refer to guide below for efficiency

Found you at last: find Marin Ving, follow the mask quest

Mum’s the word: Kill Hendeolas Anfarel, refer to guide below for efficiency

Horrors are better buried deep: Destroy the complex, refer to guide below for efficiency

What the h*ll was that: found fools gold: refer to guide below for explanation and location 🙂

Ending Scenarios

As it was, as it will be: Orenetis sits on the throne

A new golden age: Orenetis-Sitenero sits on the throne

Misaye smoles on you: Marin Ving sits on the throne

The cycle continues: Anfarel sits on the throne

Chaos beckons: No one sits on the throne

Strategy and Guides!!!

Run One:

  • NEW GOLDEN AGE: the ending with sitro/orenetis has been fixed. Simply follow the peoples ending and make sure to select “follow/take with” when speaking to Sitenero in the jail you will get the ending, it will take you back to the palace where you need to sneak in and then when speaking to Orenetis just select “this is for the best” and you will get the ending post successful persuasion check.

Run Two:

  • Destroying the complex: simply follow the rebellion quest line through the end, you will get this achievement, along with “the cycle continues” achievement and “not taking any chances”

You can also kill the undead leader to get the “mums the word” and just reload the save.

Run Three:
What will they do with it: simply follow the forge quest line, I managed to get the “Chaos Beckons” ending, as once I handed over the complex I simply killed the OTHER leaders (Orenetis, rebellion, etc) and it gave me both achievements on end cutscene

Run Four
As it was as it will be: Just leave as quickly as possible, or alternatively do the dominion quest line. You can make efficient this by pairing it with the escape by killing the redeemer ending, just simply build a party of 4 barbs, go to the city, then go back to the starting merchant area and just kill all the bugs. Though just kill the redeemers for efficacy to get both achievements.

Run Five
Misaye smiles upon you: just do the mask quest line. you will also get the Marin Ving achievement during this time.

Run Six
Chaos beckons: legit just go murder hobo and kill everyone. I entered the city and just killed Orenetis and then all the begging people for the faction quest and that seemed to do the trick.

As mentioned I would definitely try to get near the end and make a save and hit a few endings at the same time for efficiency sake. I managed to get this achievement in about 4 runs, I focused on the forge questline till I handed the complex, then ended it, back tracked to the mission BEFORE handing over the complex and went down the mask, and chaos beckons ending, I also backtracked a little further and managed to snag the new golden age ending!
Just put on some music or something and have fun, as buggy as this DLC is, it can be entertaining!

What the H*ll was that:

While in the underneath of the complex (where all the mutant creatures are and stuff), you need to make your way all the way around to the “northern section” FOUR way corridor. With the “elevator/ security room/ trapdoor” to the SOUTH side of the map you need to head to the west side (left). At the end you will be met with a path that goes two ways. You should be in a storage area and you will see two orange pressure plats in the corner of the room. Simply step on them and there will be a fight between a druid and a bear (i think) and then in the middle of the room there is a stone (hit ALT or LB+RB to see exactly where) and interact with it!

Palace of Ice P1

Well this one is going to suck A LOTTTT. Forewarning there are a few bugs when it comes to these achievements, the one I encountered was with the Elven settlement elder quest. Similar to the previous dlc I will be making in depth guides to how to grab all these achievements.

I am composing this in a way that you can follow along with and get ALL achievements in a SINGLE run (Thank God), it just uses the save and load strategy from before.

Misc/ Can’t miss

Facing Your demons Literally

  • You get this by progressing through the story, can’t miss

I am a generous adventurer

  • After a fight where you chase Vigdis’s cousin through a minor gate, you will be in a bar, this achievement you get by convincing Vigdis to spare Raghnild. Just say “sentence for life” and you will be set!

Let them eat cake

  • Opposite of the last one, you just emphasis the death sentence, you need to select the option twice and you will get this achievement.

So these are the ruins of Telema

  • After talking with the gnome wizard Violet, she will send you to a ruin site. After talking to a few people you will eventually enter the ruins, and almost immediately you will see a body in the corner, simple loot its body and you will gain this achievement. (In the same room as the spider fight)

Rest in pieces

  • Here you need to kill Exonaika, this is a VERY hard fight with a ton of health and near unlimited breath attacks, be prepared. To access this fight you need to after gaining access to all the items in the teleporter chamber room, you will be tasked with leaving. Instead of teleporting back to violets house, return the puzzle to O O O (the first room) and the fight will begin, good luck!

Among Us

  • This one is easy to get, when violet sends you to a outpost to warn the commander you need to cast truesight to find the sorak. Then you need to question four different people. After this your party will discuss and you must accuse someone. To gain this achievement you need to accuse the traitor right away. Weyne, he is the one standing alone at the top of the map with the tower behind him.

It’s a bit cold, isn’t it

  • Main quest line can’t miss

Just a peek!

  • You need to look through the telescope, the telescope can be found on the southwestern part of the main city. There is a catapult next to it. Use ALT or RB+LB to highlight it. Go to central place and with the whole cluster of factions to the north head southwest and you will find it.

Patience you much have, my young adventurer

  • Find Isrid Farsky on the western end of the main town center in between the central and northern clan shops, do a adventure with her and simply win a encounter and you will get the achievement (she will leave on her own so just pick her up and keep her safe for a single fight)

Oh my god, they killed Marduk!

  • You can just kill him and reload the save, if you can’t just wait till the election fight and then kill him during that.

Northern Quest

While doing the northern questline you will eventually gain a scepter of power, you can return it to one of two people, I recommend Heddlon as you get a CHOICE of a stat book, vs rep+ diamonds but you do you. Save either way before so you can do both pathways. Its important to make sure you keep Marduk alive as we need him for some later achievements!

Back to its rightful owner

  • Here you need to return the scepter to the giant you meet during this questline, that is all, you can find him at the location you met him at

Pleasure doing business with you

  • Here you need to meet with Heddlon Surespell, he is located in the bottom right on the main city where all the clans are located, you can find him under the eastern and western clan shops. After meeting with him you need to return the scepter to him and you will be all good.

Women and Children first

  • During the questline make sure you leave ON TIME with the leader Marduk, after the fight with bandits he will ask to check on his friends/ family. You upon leaving this location will see a new location, head there, you will find a broken shack with some tigers inside of it. Then head west along the cliff side and hidden will be a pregnant women and another person, after a bit of talking you will need to cast restoration on the pregnant women, I cast greater and it worked, but if that is unavailable, Marduk has lesser available. Then you need to kill a rezmohraz and its possey. But the achievement should pop up when you restore the women.

Eastern Quest

These quest are pretty simple, the eastern clan has straight forward missions, the divergence is who leads the main charge. Its important for if your trying to 100% that you keep the male bald captain Ashdown alive, you need to kill the old female general blunt. Once again to 100% you need the bald captain Ashdown to take leadership. (At least I am pretty sure, its what I did and it worked so).

Good soldiers follow orders

  • Here we will save at this decision where we need to decide on turning the captain in, or kill the general. Here you will speak to general Blunt and tell her that the captain Ashdown is a traitor, you then need to capture/ kill him. Upon doing so you gain this achievement.

Look at me. I’m the captain now.

  • After Ashdown informs you on his plan to take over, you need to kill General Blunt. You will get the achievement. Keep this “cannon” as its important you have his vote later.

Elven Quest

This is where my bugs transpired. There are three achievements here but the only cannon we care about is freeing the real Estorgath Sharpmind. This is important as if you don’t save him he won’t vote and you won’t be able to gain the achievements later. These next three achievements all take place after returning to the elder post “invasion.” Here the elder will tell you to take care of radical band of elf’s. You then have a choice to make, speak to the youngbear group and they will inform you of their suspicion’s. You then should have three choices on the right. Save here…

Get off my lawn!

  • After you save simply just kill the youngbear group, its easy enough, return and gain the achievement.

I knew it!

  • This next one is after you speak to youngbear, go to the elders table and speak to him, you must succeed on BOTH the skill checks and he will reveal his true form… kill him and you will gain this achievement.

He’s still alive

  • For this you need to just follow youngbears lead, but continuing from the last achievement, run to the place you entered from and you will find a door, after interacting you will be jumped and after the fight there will be a cut scene where you save the elder. I got this achievement but this cut scene glitched out and the real elder would just die by falling. After fully restarting my run it eventually worked and I managed to save the real elder.
  • Once again you need to do this for further achievements

Continue to Part Two…

Palace of Ice P2

Central Quest

This quest is easy enough, make sure that Gilmore is elected for previous reasoning

Hold up… Let him speak

  • You have to unlock all 4 dialogue choices. 2 you get by default, one you get by reading the note of the bandit camp. This camp is located to the east of the entrance to the lava generator, the other one is located a lava area. Fast travel to the South Duct straight to the west. The entrance is a crawl space south of it, just hug the wall and you will find it around a corner, speak to these people and you gain the other option. After some more missions you will be asked to provide evidence, speak all four pieces of evidence and you will gain this achievement.

Election Quest

Can I keep it?

Get the guardian, can’t miss it.

Here you will be told to head to white rock city, and the election will transpire. MAKE SURE TO SAVE BEFORE YOU SPEAK TO THE LEADER ON THE STAND!!! You simply need to just just either pass, or vote for the leader, you just do it once per clan and that all, the next five achievements!

Strength in stability

  • Vote for Vigdis

Trading brings prosperity

  • Vote for Gilmar

Tradition is tranquility

  • Vote for Estorgath

War and diplomacy

  • Vote for Captain Ashdown

Hardship forges solidarity

  • Vote for Marduk


The rest of these are really simple, just follow along!

Congratulations, you are being rescued!

  • After the initial fight against Sessroth, you will have four portals located on each end of the room. The bottom left one is the one you need to enter, here you will fight a few demons and one of the beefy boys, then a cut scene. After the cutscene look around the room and you will see a few hanging cages, walk over to them to get the achievement!

See you in hell

  • Kill Sessroth, can’t miss, tips don’t use to many resources as its a multistage fight and the final instance is really difficult.

Make a save after the fight that way you can explore both ending…

The ultimate sacrifice

  • Simply sacrifice one of your party members by standing in the circle.

Sorry buddy

  • Sacrifice the speakers soul by placing it in the alter

This wasn’t in the job description

  • You get this achievement in the end cutscene if you sacrificed the speakers soul.

Check List

This is a list of the main achievements that way you can copy and paste it in a doc and highlight as you go, keep track of what you need to do! (I only have the main campaign stuff here as the guide by LEO3_I has all the miscellaneous achievements listed and available for ease of use!)

Crown of The Magister

I swear
The plot thickens
Believe us now?
I have my doubts
I’m not paid enough for that
Mutinous thoughts
Wasn’t me
Crown of the Magister
We are friends, not food
We don’t negotiate with monsters
Back in my days…
You get nothing! Good day sir!
Master of Necromancy
Master of Abjuration
Climbing the Ranks
The old Guard
Where do you think you’re going?
Master of Evocation
Master of Conjuration
Into the Breach
Heros of Solasta
Give me a real challenge (Iron man mode)

Lost Valley

The solution is brute force
What will they do with it?
Not taking any chance
Found you at last
Mum’s the word
Horrors are better buried deep
What the hell was that?!
As it was, as it will be
A new golden age
Misaye smiles on you
The cycle continues
Chaos beckons

Palace of Ice

Facing Your demons Literally
I am a generous adventurer
Let them eat cake
So these are the ruins of Telema
Rest in pieces
Among Us
It’s a bit cold, isn’t it
Just a peek!
Patience you much have, my young adventurer
Oh my god, they killed Marduk!
Back to its rightful owner
Pleasure doing business with you
Women and Children first
Look at me. I’m the captain now.
Good soldiers follow orders
He’s still alive
I knew it!
Get off my lawn!
Hold up… Let him speak
Can I keep it?
Strength in stability
Trading brings prosperity
Tradition is tranquility
War and diplomacy
Hardship forges solidarity
Congratulations, you are being rescued!
See you in hell
The ultimate sacrifice
Sorry buddy
This wasn’t in the job description

Wrap Up

The goal of this was to try and help other people who are completionist like myself or just the casual player trying to get a few more achievements. This is a awesome game that I have dumped over 200 hours on easily and this is my way of contributing to the community. I love how its made by such a small team and if you ignore the bugs there really is a great game.

We have come to the end of our Solasta Crown of the Magister Achievements guide. We hope it was useful. Feel free to comment for your questions and suggestions.

Written by CrossOryx

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