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Knowledge is power, and in this case that “power” is knowing which effect each statue grants. When you worship a statue, your special skill gets an extra bit of oomph, depending on the statue you decide to worship. Each statue has its uses but some character skills and statue effects synergize better than others.

So let’s get to it. Here are the statues and the effects they add to your special skill. Choose wisely!

  • Assassin statue : Shoots 3 daggers in an arc
  • Elf statue : Knocks enemies back and deals 2 damage if those enemies hit a wall
  • Knight statue : Spawns a knight follower (You may summon up to 3 of these knight followers)
  • Priest statue : Puts down a short-term field that regenerates 8 energy per second and deals damage to surrounding enemies
  • Thief statue : Does 1 damage to enemies near you and steals 1 gold from them
  • Wizard statue : Fires 8 orbs that home on enemies and deal damage

These all look pretty good, right? How about a refresher on each character’s special skill? That way you can theorycraft and remember to test different character/statue combinations.

  • Alchemist : Throws bottles filled with noxious gas
  • Assassin : Dashes forward, performing a hard-hitting melee attack
  • Engineer : Summons a support gun turret
  • Knight : Shoots with two guns for a few seconds
  • Paladin : Summons a defensive shield that absorbs damage for a few seconds
  • Rogue : Rolls forward to dodge enemy bullets
  • Vampire : Summons a swarm of bats that will attack enemies and heal you
  • Wizard : Calls down a powerful lightning bolt to stun the enemy

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