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Space Haven Blueprints & Crafting Resources

The useful resource tab is where all of your machine blueprints exist.

Chemical Refinery

Produces refined chemicals. Hazardous gasses and Noisy.

Energy Refinery

Transforms power crystals into energy rods and raw hyperium into hyperfuel. Hazardous gasses and noisy.


Produces basic construction components. Soft blocks, hull blocks, infrablocks.


Creates fabric from fibers.

Metal Refinery

Turns carbon and base metals into metal plates. Heat and noisy.

Item Fabricator

Creates various items and weapons.


Turn scrap substances into usable resources. Heat and noisy.

Water Purifier

Turn ice into water.

Tools Facility

Builds tools.

Advanced Assembler

Produces excessive tech construction additives (tech blocks and electricity blocks).

Optronics Fabricator

Produces optronic (electronics and light) components.

Electronic Fabricator

Turns noble metals and base metals to electronic parts. Hazardous gasses and noisy.

Cell Fuser

Uses electronic components and energy rods to create energy cells.

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