Space Haven – Electricity Guide


Electricity is important for survival.

Your energy comes from the energy generator.

You create a strength grid by using considered one of the four electricity node items.

Linking these nodes is easy after you figure it out.

You first choose the node you want to connect. You must see a green square near any other node, or strength generator.

All you do is pick out that green rectangular and now you may see it come to be a red square. This is used to disconnect.

Remember to location nodes in areas wherein powered objects are. The image below display a node providing energy to the living quarters.

You may need to connect multiple nodes collectively to prevent electricity outages.
If one node breaks everything down the road goes.

It could store someones life. (It appears floor nodes can have three connections.)

Power Capacity Nodes are useful whilst you want steady strength. Which this may also maintain production rates higher on machines.

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