Space Haven – Ship Building

Ship Building

This is left to you, so there might not be much here.

I’m transferring this tip to the pinnacle because it could keep your life. Remove greater hull in case you run out of hull blocks.

Select the build button.

Click on the edit tab, and pick construct hull.

Click and drag you ship hull in which you need it.

Wait till it’s far constructed. You now have a new deliver.

Now you could begin running on the interior of the ship.

If you need to get rid of the hull of your deliver be careful for this icon. I suppose it manner there would be a hull breach.

A way to fix that is to first get rid of surrounding items/walls. This is due to the fact when you put off hulls the brand new wall gets placed one back. But while there’s some thing blocking off it no new hull is added.

After casting off the 2 wall blocks you could re-put off the hull, and all ought to work.

Running Out of Resources

If you run out of resources it doesn’t harm to get rid of non-important objects that are made of these resources. In the image under I am lacking some items for my hyperdrive.

Now I will do away with some gadgets, and construct the jumpdrive.

This wall power node simplest powers a small farm, which presently has no water to grow anyways. I’ll dismantle the entire grow room till my jumpdrive is made.

I must dismantle the gear facility for the rest of the resources.

And now we’ve a constructed jumpdrive.

Don’t forget to rebuild what you deconstructed at a later time.

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