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SPACE MOUSE – Achievements Guide

Achievements Guide

Brain Bait

Startup the game and…

For those who really want to try finding out on their own, I’ve marked this one as a spoiler. Hover over it if you want to discover the method

While on the very first screen, the one before the menu, press Z on your keyboard. The MINDWARE logo should flash back and forth between two colors, before settling for the second color. You may have a bit of a headache after looking at it, but you’ll also earn the achievement.

The Three Trips

Excellent trip

Ride on sprite rocket.

Amazing trip

Ride on PCG rocket.

Comfortable trip

Ride on ASCII art rocket.

All three of these achievements require you to complete the first scene (level) three different times. Once in NES mode, once in either PC8001 or MZ-700 mode, and once in PC8001 or MZ-700 mode with PCG enabled.

Big Points

Big Point

Get 573pts by defeating mouse.

Big Point 2

Get 765pts by defeating mouse.

Both of these achievements can be earned in NES and MZ-700 (+PCG) mode. All you have to do is grab a power-up, run into the mice and watch them fly away! If you consecutively ram into them while powered up, you’ll get progressively more and more points.

For every mouse you run into while invincible, you get the following points:

10 – 20 – 50 – 100 – 256 – 573 – 765

Which means, running into 6 mice will earn you the first achievement, while running into 7 will earn you the second one.

An easy way to do this is to go into scene 2, floor 44 while holding a key and wait at the designated “Mouse Trap”. From there, just let the mice stack inside. Once they’re all comfy, grab a power-up and send them all on a one way trip to (your choice of destination here)!

If for some unlucky reason this trap gets filled with power-ups, or if mice don’t seem to be attracted to the trap, there’s a bigger one on scene 2, floor 91.

PC8001 and NZ-700 Achievements

“Nothing’s impossible on the MZ-700!”

Score 700 points in MZ-700 Mode.

Play for a bit in MZ-700 mode until you get 700 points. You should easily get this once you climb to floor 27, for there will be 6 money pick-ups worth 100 points each. If the evil mice are blocking any of the money, you can keep going if you’re just hunting for this achievement. Money doesn’t disappear when you lose a life.

Bought PCG

Play PC-8001+PCG mode.

Simply go into your options menu, switch to PC8001+PCG mode, start a game and enjoy the graphics upgrade.

Honor the inventor

Scene 2 clear in PC-8001 Mode.

A rather tricky one to get, this requires you to clear two scenes (levels) in PC8001 mode. This achievement cannot be obtained in PC8001+PCG mode.

NES Achievements

Lit picture

Get heart.

On reaching scene 3, floor 121, you will find a heart. Pick it up to snag this achievement and 3000 points for your score.

Music test

Meet WING.

On reaching scene 2, floor 121, you will find an NPC between the words STUDIO and WING. If you bump into them, you will unlock this achievement, and be able to cycle through 5 different songs that you can play on this scene.

Galactic scale player
Over 100,000pts.

(what a very aesthetic name)
Another tricky one to pull off. Score 100,000 points in a single run.

Remember that your score for climbing and the bonus you receive at the end of level is multiplied by the scene you’re on. Later scenes reward more than earlier ones!

Infinite Climb

Floor 100

Reach floor 100 in INFINITE CLIMB.

Floor 1000

Reach floor 1000 in INFINITE CLIMB.

Floor 3000

Reach floor 3000 in INFINITE CLIMB.

These three achievements are pretty much what they say on the tin: reach that respective floor while playing Infinite Climb mode. Floor 100 should be relatively easy, whilst 1000 and 3000 will take some time and practice.





These two achievements can be obtained pretty early in your Infinite Climb run, if you’re lucky. The blue potion will increase your air meter, allowing you to progress further on. The orange-colored poison bottle will drain your air, but give you a large point bonus.

A bottle of potion is guaranteed to be found on floor 108.



On floor 113, you will find a diamond, which says it can be used only once per run. You can grab it right away to claim the achievement, and turn your screen into a rainbow of colors temporarily.

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