STAR WARS Empire at War: Gold Pack – Remake 3.0 Guide

Remake 3.0 Guide

1.) Go to your steam library and find your Empire At War game copy.
2.) Once there go down and find workshop then enter the workshop.
3.) In the work shop look for Empire At War Remake: Galactic Civil War (link above)
4.) Subscribe to the Empire At War Remake: Galactic Civil War addon and wait for it to install.
5.) Once installed go to your Empire At War in your library.
6.) Right click on Empire At War and click on properties
7.) Once inside properties select “set launch options”
8.) Paste this inside of set launch options: STEAMMOD=1770851727
7.) Once pasted load up the game your loading screen should look like this.
8.) The game is all set and ready to go!

How to Edit Xml Files?

Xml files are files you can change to mess with the game. Say you wanna lower prices on a certain unit or even raise to population cap its all possible.

How to locate xml files with the EAW steam workshop remake 3.0 version.

1.) Go to Local Disk / Program Files (x86) / steam/ steamapps / workshop / content / 32470 / 1770851727 / Data / Xml

(These numbers for you could be different but they are close to yours so make sure to look around)

How to raise the population cap for skirmish.

1.) Go into Xml and scroll down.
2.) Look for the file folders FACTIONS and EXPANSION_FACTIONS
3.) Once found open with note pad.
4.) Press Ctrl-F and paste this in Space_Tactical_Unit_Cap
5.) Make sure when your search for it the down button is checked off
6.) When you find space tactical unit cap change it to any number of your desire

NOTE: REMEMBER!!!-you have to change every single faction to the same number make sure you do both FACTIONS and EXPANSION_FACTIONS for successful results

How to change unit prices for skirmish and galactic conquest.

1.) Go to Xml
2.) Click on the Units folder
3.) Click on the space folder (ground is not in this mod yet)
4.) Open and unit folder you would like to (DONT OPEN HARDPOINTS!)
5.) Once you chose your folder do Ctrl-F and paste <Build_Cost_Credits>(for galactic conquest) or <Tactical_Build_Cost_Multiplayer>(for skirmish)
6.) You can also find build time and change it to your desire.
7.) Once pasted find the build cost and change it to whatever same for build time
8.) Make sure to save the file once done

How to change the population cap

1.) Go to Xml
2.) Find gameconstants and open it
3.) Ctrl-F and paste Unit_Cap
4.) Once found change to your liking

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  1. Hi, recently discovered this sick remake of empire at war, trying to change the pop cap but I can’t locate the workshop folder after steamapps
    Local Disk / Program Files (x86) / steam/ steamapps / (workshop not appearing?)

    Any ideas around that?

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