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STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Lana Beniko Romance

Lana Beniko Romance

Star Wars: The Old Republic™ holds approximately 24 partner characters which you may romance all through your playthroughs together along with your favored heroes and villains, however, none of them are as suitable as Lana Beniko.

Lana’s (Beautiful) Personality


“With her serene and thoughtful manner, one would possibly mistake Lana Beniko for a Jedi. She is, however, a Sith Lord of awesome information and power who has inspired a lot of her friends in a extensively quick time frame together along with her eager insights into the character of the Force. It become Beniko’s treatise at the perceived ethical parallels of Jedi and Sith in battlefield settings–in addition to her ardour for unraveling the truths and secrets and techniques in the back of the Jedi–that added her to the eye of Darth Arkous of the Dark Council. She has when you consider that turn out to be his maximum relied on consultant.”

Lana Beniko, in preference to many Sith withinside the Empire, isn’t always a hotheaded, power-hungry, bloothirsty Sith however alternatively one which strives to be serene and really considerated in terms of her wording. She prefers to investigate ahead and developing a strong scheme of techniques and secondary plans earlier than entering into action, a component that has made her a great deal greater green than the standart Sith, which in the end earned the honor of Darth Arkous, taking her as his consultant all through the instances previous to and all through the Revanite Crisis. Unlike many different companions, Lana is absolutely self-enough and might act absolutely excellent on her own, this could be evidenced through the reality that after the Outlander receives caught in carbonite for 7 years, Lana is capable of create a resistance community to Arcann’s empire with Theron’s help, however, this does not exclude Lana from being motivated through the Outlander him/herself aswell, all through the preliminary tiers of the resistance, it is reasonably clean that Lana will now no longer doubt or disobey any of your instructions even supposing she disagrees with you, however withinside the identical time it’s miles definitely visible that Lana is the second-in-command and, have to some thing manifest to the Outlander, she’ll be the only to take command like she did originally. Lana Beniko has a tendency to be greater of a cynist as compared to different Sith, she would not blindly observe the darkish facet however as a substitute takes a greater 60rk – 40% Light approach, now no longer absolutely siding to the Dark Side however now no longer giving into neutrality either, it become her movements and family members with the Republic that in the long run made the Jedi and the Sith agree in events to do so and degree an assault towards every other faction. In quick words, Lana isn’t always best intelligent, however additionally a loyal, thoughtful, useful, and maximum importantly, succesful partner to depend on.

The unique characters are all heterosexual, so that you can’t mantain any sort of romance in case you manifest to have a individual of the identical sex, this does not practice to the DLC characters together with Lana, Theron, or Cytharat and Lemda Avesta. Lemda and Cytharat aren’t visible once more after their respective expansions, and Theron is a soyboy, so Lana is the best suitable one withinside the spot.

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