STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Sergeant Ava Jaxo Romance

Sergeant Ava Jaxo Romance

First Steps

Step 1

  • Create a male trooper[sorry females

Step 2

  • Play your magnificence tale to Coruscant

Step 3

  • Get your venture in Justicar Territory

Step 4

  • Flirt with Jaxo

You’re now for your manner to a great romantic partner

Optionally Available Steps

  • Garza(It is right to do this)

After you Start Flirting

  • Keep flirting with Sergeant Jaxo and you may get an epic fade to black scene eventually.
  • You may even paintings with Jaxo to store a hairy senatorLet him die so that you can kill a green.
  • Then cry as you do not get to speak to Jaxo for a while.

The Ending Steps

  • Keep gambling via to Chapter Three
  • Get to A-77
  • Discover your warm trooper gf has been captured
  • Make the closing choice
  • Store your gf or store three hundred losers
  • Glaringly you may store the three hundred and your gf will die
  • Store her and he or she may have ptsd and disappear

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