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Starbound – How to Take Down Dreadwing

Starbound How to Take Down Dreadwing

Welcome to our Starbound How to Take Down Dreadwing Guide ! Are you having troubles with Dreadwing, then use this guide to help take him down, and bring Beak Easy back in business!. We’ll keep you upgraded with extra information once they are released.


This is actually a bit of a tricky fight, so here’s everything you can use to help fight Dreadwing:


-Tier 3 armor

  • Ranged weapon – Anything that does at least 6 damage is good. I like using bazookas as well.


-Distortion Sphere – Not incredibly helpful. Can help with Dreadwing’s dive.


  • Healing – At least 30 of any.

Enemies – Starbound How to Take Down Dreadwing


Just a penguin soldier. It has a helmet, and a gun. They’ll shoot you with it.


It’s a penguin. In a tank. A tank! They’ll shoot at you, but it’s relatively easy to dodge.


I don’t know. I think it’s a general? Anyway, the penguin will have a handgun, and will shoot you with it. Just like the regular penguin soldier.

Demolitions Expert:

I guess that’s what it’s called? I’m not sure. Anyway, it is a penguin. With dynamite strapped to it’s chest. And a bazooka. You know, regular penguin stuff. The penguin will shoot you with it’s bazooka, and blow up when it dies.


A smaller version of Dreadwing’s ship. They’ll shoot at you with the same projectiles as Dreadwing.

Boss Attacks



Dreadwing will shoot at you with using his UFO.


Dreadwing will dive at you.

Beam Row:

Dreadwing will fire a row of beams at you.

Passive Attacks:

Beam Down:

Dreadwing will beam down more soldiers. These include a regular soldier, a general, and a demolitions expert.


Dreadwing will disappear, and then reappear in the vicinity.


I’m not creating a “mission” section, since it would be too short too add. So, I’ll just talk about it here.

What you need to do is head right the entire time. You can make pauses to fight the enemies. Be careful about the tanks though. Because of their short range, and inability to climb up things, you can use that to your advantage the first time you find one. Stay on the cliff, and shoot it. Keep fighting the enemies.

After you fight keep fighting, eventually you’ll reach Dreadwing. My advice is to just shoot him, and dodge his attacks. It’s fairly easy to do. The one thing you do want to do though, is take out any new enemies he spawns. He doesn’t spawn new soldiers very often, but they still do a big chunk of damage, so take them out as soon as you can.

Speaking of minions, fighting the mini-UFOs isn’t necessary, but you can if you’re overwhelmed. I don’t recommend it since they keep spawning until Dreadwing is defeated. They’ll spawn almost instantly too.

Anyway, after you defeat Dreadwing, collect the money he drops, and his journal, though it’s not needed. After you’ve done so, head back to the teleporter you spawned at.

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