Starfield: Andreja’s Location, Affinity & Romance

In Starfield, we’re simply explaining Andreja’s location, how to romance with her and how to improve your affinity with her. With this guide, you’ll learn everything about Andreja. “Andreja is a bit of a mystery to everyone. Nobody knows where she’s coming from, and where she’s going.” Andreja is one of the 4 Marriage Candidates in Starfield. She is a member of Constellation, having joined in 2328.

Andreja’s Location, Affinity and Romance Guide

In Starfield, you can find Andreja by progressing through the main storyline until you reach “The Eye” after completing the main story missions involving Sarah Morgan and Sam Coe. At this point, you will receive the quest “Into The Unknown,” a lengthy quest with numerous objectives and planets to explore. Andreja can be found within one of the caves as part of this quest.

Once you have Andreja as your active companion during the “Into The Unknown” quest, complete it to unlock her as a companion. Typically, you’ll find her in “The Lodge” when you want to use her. However, in specific quests like “No Sudden Moves,” she might be scripted to accompany you to “The Scow” or “The Eye.” Note that she, along with Barret, Sam Coe, and Sarah Morgan, will be temporarily unavailable as active companions until you complete the “High Price To Pay” mission. Ensure you stick with her during this mission to avoid complications.

If you happen to lose Andreja as an inactive companion for any reason, access your crew tab, and locate all companions you have recruited. You will find a list of active assignments for each character in your service. From there, you can pinpoint Andreja’s approximate location in Starfield and move her to a more accessible spot if necessary. Set her as an active companion using this method.

How to Build Affinity with Andreja’s?

Building affinity with Andreja in Starfield involves understanding her unique preferences and making choices that align with her character. Here are some tips on how to build a strong affinity with Andreja:

  1. Be Assertive: Andreja appreciates assertiveness and a willingness to get involved in challenging situations. Don’t shy away from making bold decisions, even if they involve violence, sneaking, or breaking and entering. When you make a decisive choice, stick to it, as indecisiveness can upset her.
  2. Stay Smart and Calculated: Andreja values intelligence and a cold, calculated approach to problem-solving. When faced with decisions that require strategic thinking, choose options that showcase your intellect. Avoid choices that demean her or appear overly simpatico in matters related to Constellation.
  3. Avoid Mood-Dampening Choices: To maintain a positive affinity with Andreja, avoid choices that might make her moody or upset. While it’s essential to assert yourself and be strategic, strike a balance and be respectful of her feelings.
  4. Acknowledge Her Validity: If Andreja does express dissatisfaction or discomfort with a decision, acknowledge her feelings without being overly cheesy or dismissive. Let her know that her perspective is valid, and you respect her viewpoint.
  5. Trigger “Andreja Loves That” Moments: There are specific moments in the game where you can trigger the “Andreja Loves That” affinity event. One is when you visit her and assist her during the “High Price To Pay” mission. The other opportunity arises during a side activity event after that mission, where certain dialogue options can boost her affinity.
  6. Use Unique Voice Lines: If Andreja has unique voice lines that only she can say, utilize them when appropriate. Companions generally appreciate it when you let them contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.

By following these tips and making choices that align with Andreja’s preferences and personality, you can gradually build a strong affinity with her in Starfield. This will not only enhance your relationship with her but also unlock the full potential of having her as a companion in your interstellar adventures.

Andreja Romance Guide

To successfully romance Andreja in Starfield, understanding her likes and dislikes is crucial. Here’s a guide to winning her heart:

Andreja Likes:

  1. Underhanded Tactics: Unlike some of your more well-mannered companions, Andreja has a rough background and doesn’t shy away from underhanded tactics. She will often appreciate brute force and intimidation when it’s necessary.
  2. Independence: During certain quests, if you choose responses that show independence and a willingness to strike out on your own, Andreja will like these choices.
  3. Flirting: Always choose the “flirt” option when it appears in your conversations with Andreja to express your romantic interest.

Andreja Dislikes:

  1. Cruelty: While Andreja may embrace certain underhanded tactics, she draws the line at cruel actions against random innocents. Such actions will earn her disapproval.
  2. Second-Guessing: If you exhibit doubt or cowardice, especially in situations where it relates to harming an NPC, Andreja will dislike these actions.

Andreja Divided Loyalties Quest

To progress in the Starfield Andreja romance, remember to consistently choose the “flirt” option whenever it’s available. As her affinity with you increases, you can expect at least four unique conversations. In the fourth segment, she will open up about her past as a Va’ruun operative sent to infiltrate Constellation. This revelation initiates the Starfield “Divided Loyalties” quest. Here’s a brief summary of how to proceed:

  1. Visit the bar in Akila City and look for someone named Eren.
  2. Head to Hyla II in the Hyla system, where you’ll find Eren’s camp. Beware of Va’ruun cultists in the area.
  3. Eliminate the hostiles and enter the building. On the second floor, you’ll find Eren’s slate, which includes the Va’ruun Scripture 04, granting you a sneak bonus and increased melee sneak attack damage.
  4. Travel to Chthonia in the Wolf system, dock with the space station, and inquire about Jaeda.
  5. This will lead you to the planet Anomaly in the Groombridge system, continuing your quest to uncover the truth about Andreja’s past and her former friends.

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