Starfield Background Checks Walkthrough

Hello from our Starfield Background Checks Walkthrough guide. Prepare for an exhilarating mission teeming with suspense and action that will keep you constantly on edge. For all the intricate details, consult our guide.

Starfield Background Checks Walkthrough

Welcome to our Starfield Background Checks Walkthrough guide. Within the vast expanse of Starfield, Ryujin Industries faces an exceptional challenge with Background Checks, an exclusive factional task. This technological titan that reigns supreme in the Volume II Star System’s business realm is far from uncontested.

In this instance, the stakes have surged even higher, as the source of contention originates from within the company itself. You’ll find yourself pitted against your own colleagues as you embark on a mission to expose a covert infiltrator.

Unlocking the “Background Checks” faction mission in Starfield is contingent upon successfully completing the Ryujin Industries’ “Top Secrets” mission. Starting out as a junior operative in “Back to the Grind for Ryujin Industries,” you’ve relentlessly ascended the ranks, forging a formidable reputation within the faction.

Transitioning from modest tasks like “A New Narrative” to substantial ones like “Accidents Can Happen,” you’ve garnered a level of trust that now permits your participation in the company’s internal audit.

How to Successfully Complete the “Background Checks” Mission in Starfield

Undertaking the “Background Checks” faction mission in Starfield is a formidable challenge, primarily because it demands infiltrating your own organization, Ryujin Industries.

Given the presence of moles within the company, absolute discretion is essential, and each move must be meticulously calculated.

Initiate the Conversation with Dalton Fiennes

The mission begins with a rendezvous with Dalton Fiennes, located in Neon City on Alpha Vol II within the Vol II Star System.

To reach Dalton, depart from the Spaceport Terminal and navigate your way to Ryujin Tower. Ascend to the Executive Office floor via the elevator, then proceed left upon exiting the elevator to locate Dalton in his office, engrossed in reviewing some documents.

Dalton will divulge the unsettling news that a company insider has leaked sensitive files to Infinity LTD, prompting the launch of a Security Directive. In essence, this directive mandates an audit for all Ryujin employees except for Ularu Chen. The mission ahead involves assisting a programmer known as Nyx in uploading a program to Ularu’s computer. This program will automatically scan her system for crucial data that will contribute to her ultimate judgment.

Furthermore, Dalton cautions that your security card will be deactivated, rendering you a trespasser. To facilitate your mission, Dalton will grant you access to Ryujin Tower’s ventilation system, ensuring a smoother passage.

His advice? Execute the assignment with the utmost stealth, and he’ll equip you with a Disrupter device in case unforeseen obstacles arise. Lastly, Dalton provides you with the meeting coordinates for Nyx, signaling the commencement of your “Background Checks” mission in the vast expanse of Starfield.

Locating Nyx

As per Dalton’s instructions, Nyx can be found at Madame Sauvage’s Place. To reach there, return from Ryujin Tower to the Spaceport Terminal.

Navigate through the alley situated between the Mining League and the Terminal’s elevator. Upon entering Ebbside, you’ll spot Madame Sauvage’s Place right beside the entrance. Inside, Nyx will be stationed next to the computer on your right.

However, be prepared – Nyx won’t readily hand over the program free of charge. You’ll need to make a decision: either make a payment or do him a favor.

The Payment Option:

Nyx initially demands 2,500 Credits for the program, but there’s room for negotiation. Start by selecting the orange option, followed by the 2-pointer green option, and conclude with another selection of the orange option. This persuasive approach will persuade Nyx to lower the price to a more manageable 1,000 Credits.

After securing the program, Nyx instructs you to return to him upon completing the decryption of the necessary information.

The Favor Option:

If paying is not within your preference, you can opt to perform a favor for Nyx instead. He’ll request that you run the same program on Camden Cho’s computer while you’re in Ryujin Tower, as it’s for another client. In exchange, Nyx will provide you with the program and a slate, which you’ll need to return to him once your mission is accomplished.

It’s worth noting that while the favor choice may seem enticing due to the program being complimentary, it will introduce an additional layer of complexity to your mission in the expansive realm of Starfield. Choose wisely.

Infiltrating Ryujin Industries via the Ventilation System

With the program slate now in your possession, depart from the establishment and turn onto the first street to your left. Ascend the staircase and activate the Terminal button at its end.

This action will set the crane in motion, transporting a hollow shipping container to your side. Follow the alternative route leading to Ryujin Industries HQ.

Before proceeding further, it’s advisable to don attire that enhances your stealth capabilities and equip the disrupter to incapacitate guards rather than lethally harm them.

Utilize the vents to access a spacious room devoid of any exit. In the center of the room, you can ascend the stacks of boxes and reach the hatch, which will lead you to the Floor Lights panel.

Employ the panel to dim the lights, and then exit through the hatch on the opposite side.

Devising a Strategy to Evade the Guards

Now comes the challenging part: eluding detection by the guards as you advance toward your objective.

Based on our experience, the most effective approach involves staying close to the left side of the pillars within the initial room, then hugging the right side of the wall until you reach the stairs.

Proceed up the stairs until you arrive at a room with red partitions. Position yourself in the left corner and await an opportunity when the guard near the entrance moves away, allowing you to progress.

To err on the side of caution, continue hugging the left wall and access the room through the right-hand door.

Running Nyx’s Program on Camden Cho’s Computer (Optional)

If you’ve chosen to assist Nyx, this is the opportune moment to fulfill your favor. Traverse the corridor to your right, which boasts a small Ryujin Industries painting, before entering the vents room.

Use Digipicks to unlock the door and proceed to upload the program onto Cho’s Computer. Access the “Rover files” to complete this particular objective. Should you have already paid Nyx for the program, you can bypass this step entirely.

Running Nyx’s Program on Ularu Chen’s Computer

You’re making significant progress towards reaching Ularu’s Computer in the “Background Checks” mission in Starfield. Here’s the next step:

Utilize the vents located in the red-lit room. Climb through the hatch, proceed to the other side, and descend through the hatch.

Descend the stairs on the right and slip through the vent behind the generator to evade the guards up ahead. Drop down through the hatch and use a Digipick to unlock the panel door.

Exercise patience as the robots and soldiers pass by, then head to the right, leading to a room with stairs. Here, you’ll encounter a guard, and we’ve found it quite challenging to sneak past him.

However, you have the option to persuade him if you get caught. To do so, select the orange option and reassure him that there’s nothing to be concerned about. Then, choose the orange option once more to successfully pass the persuasion check.

Ascend through the vents once more, and upon exiting, utilize the suspended platform on the side to access the vents across.

Move swiftly to avoid detection by guards in the room below. Before dropping down, ensure the lights are turned off again to prevent detection upon descent.

Utilize the disrupter on the guard to incapacitate him without causing harm, and proceed to Ularu Chen’s computer. Access the computer and select the “Rover files” to initiate the program’s upload. This action fulfills the task of running Nyx’s program on Ularu’s computer, a crucial part of the “Background Checks” quest in Starfield.

Exit Ryujin Tower through the vents using the hatch located above Ularu’s computer room. Descend the stairs, turn right, and utilize the stairs around the corner to make your way to Nyx’s Apartment.

Reporting Back to Dalton

Wait for Nyx to decrypt the program, and then retrieve the updated data slate. Return to Dalton, who will not keep you in suspense. He will reveal that Imogene Salzo, the Operations specialist, and your point of entry into Ryujin Industries, was the one responsible for the leaks.

You will be tasked with escorting her for interrogation, but that mission lies in the future.

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