Starfield Best Melee Build

Craft the best melee build in Starfield with crucial insights on skills, features, and weapons. Access detailed information in our comprehensive guide.

There are many points you need to know when building the best melee in Starfield. Skills, features, weapons, and many of them bring out the best melee. You can access all this information with the details in our guide.

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Starfield Best Melee Build

This guide was primarily made to orient myself on how a melee build could be viable and what I should focus on. Currently, melee is one of the worst ways of playing the game right after unarmed/fists. Of course in my experience, playing on the difficulty setting very hard is very easy with guns therefore I thought it more interesting to put skill points into melee.


Melee [Skill Build]


Focus on Health and Oxygen,

  • Needs to jump/warp with the ship sometimes.
  • Food and healing items are not as effective.
  • More effective on planets, less effective in space like on e.g. ships or star stations.
Melee [Skill Build]
Melee [Skill Build]
Melee [Skill Build]


Melee [Skill Build]

Skill Overview:

  • Dueling 4
  • Isolation 4
  • Wellness 4
  • Fitness 4
  • Stealth 4
  • Martial Arts 3
  • Concealment 4
  • Rejuvenation 4
Melee [Skill Build]


  • Gymnastics 3 (Replenish some 02 after mantling)
  • Gymnastics 4 (Increased jump height & Run faster after Combat sliding or mantling)
  • Boxing 2 (50% less 02 used when using a power attack)
  • Boxing 3 (Running consumes 30% less 02)
  • Martial Arts 4 (Reflect 50% damage back when blocking a melee or unarmed attack)
  • Weight Lifting 4 (Gain 50% resistance to stagger)
  • Nutrition 4 (Food and drink are now 50% more effective)
  • Gastronomy 4 (Crafting food and drinks occasionally doesn’t use up resources. You can research and craft exotic recipes)
  • Chemistry 3 (You can research and create cutting edge chems)
  • Chemistry 4 (Crafting chems occasionally triples the amount created)
  • Spacesuit design 3 (You can research and craft cutting-edge spacesuit, helmet, and pack mods)

Starborn Powers


  • Grav Dash (Takes you forward and briefly increases any damage you inflict)
  • Phased TIme (Spam attacks both in stealth damage and normal damage)
  • Void form (You are invisible, it will be easier to avoid damage and do stealth damage)
  • Gravity Wave (Makes 1 enemy fall down for a few seconds, can be casted several times)
  • Gravity Well (Enemies in a small area fall down for a few seconds)


  • Personal Atmosphere (Infinite oxygen 02)
Melee [Skill Build]


Va’ruun Painblade is the highest damage weapon in the game, with all the recommended skills above it will do a base damage of 130. If you can get a legendary of it, great.

Melee [Skill Build]




Your clothes (under the spacesuit) should be the Operative Suit from the Ryujin story line.

With the headwear that comes along it or alternatively I recommend a Ryujuin Neuroamp like Neurotac Mark 3 with the 15% Instigation chance boost (There is Intimidation, Instigation, Diplomacy boosting neuroamps).

Melee [Skill Build]


I have mostly excluded time slow and some short duration chems in favor of minute long ones and recommend and grade chems primarily in this order:

1. Damage.
2. Damage Resistance.
3. Movement
4. Time slow.

Some of the chems on this list can only be accessed through Chemistry 3 crafting.


1. Redamp
2. Supermassive black heart.
3. Subgiant heart
4. Red trench
5. Frostwolf
6. Whiteout
7. Squall
8. Cobx

Melee [Skill Build]
Melee [Skill Build]
Melee [Skill Build]
Melee [Skill Build]
Melee [Skill Build]
Melee [Skill Build]
Melee [Skill Build]
Melee [Skill Build]


1. Heart+
2. Boudicca
3. Battlestim

Melee [Skill Build]
Melee [Skill Build]
Melee [Skill Build]


1. Amp
2. Black hole heart

Melee [Skill Build]
Melee [Skill Build]



The skill Nutrition 4 will make food and drink 50% more effective.


  • Alien Genetic Material (000C1F57)
  • Nebula Wat (00122E96)
  • Stellar Kebabs (00122E98)
  • Galaxy Lo Mein (00122E94)
  • Star Cluster Marsala (00122E95)
  • Grandpa’s Meatloaf (00165073)


  • Alien Energy Drink (0029B047)
  • Boom Pop! Dynamite (0029B040)
  • Runner’s Rush (00249C1E)
  • Sparkling Water (000304CC)
Written by Chr!570ph3r

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