Starfield Companion Skills

Maximize your companion's skills in Starfield! Learn about each skill's function and get recommendations with our comprehensive Companion Skills guide

His skills are quite important for a companions. So how do you use these skills? Using the information in our Starfield Companion Skills guide, you can find out what the skills do and the recommendations.

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Starfield Companion Skills

How skills work? Companions and player skill bonuses are separate and additive to each other. Your companion skills applies the highest level of companion, and does not stack with other companions.

Ship Skills

Ship Stats

These skills boost ship bonuses you get from ship modules[/thi]

Skill nameStatShip BonusCompanions with this skill
Aneutronic FusionReactor Power+1 maximum reactor powerFusion Systems Specialist ✦
Andromeda Kelper ✦ ✦
AstrodynamicsGrav DriveReduce the fuel cost of grav jumps by 10% per level
Maxes out at 30%
Astrodynamics Specialist ✦
Vasco ✦
Erick von Price ✦ ✦
Sarah Morgan ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
LeadershipCrew CapacityThe crew member does not take up a crew slotSarah Morgan ✦ ✦
PayloadsCargo CapacityIncreases ship capacity by 10%
Maxes out at 10%
Payload Specialist ✦
Erick von Price ✦
Sam Coe ✦ ✦
PilotingShip SpeedRank 1: +15 top speed
Rank 2: +30 top speed
Rank 3: +30 top speed, 1 free engine power allocation
Propulsion Specialist ✦
Andromeda Kelper ✦
Erick von Price ✦
Andromeda Kepler ✦
Amelia Earhart ✦ ✦
Sam Coe ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Shield SystemsShieldRank 1: +20% shield capacity
Rank 2: +20% shield capacity
Rank 2: +20% shield capacity, 1 free shield power allocation
Defensive Systems Specialist ✦
Ezekiel ✦
Andromeda Kepler ✦
Vasco ✦ ✦
Omari Hassan ✦ ✦ ✦
Starship EngineeringShip repairIncreases ship repair speed by 5% per ✦
Maxes out at 20%
Damage Control Specialist ✦
Omari Hassan ✦
Rafael Aguerro ✦ ✦
Barrett ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Companions Skills List in Starfield

Ship Weapons

These skills boost ship damage and recharge time when the companion is assigned to your crew.

Skill nameWeaponShip BonusCompanions with this skill
Ballistic Weapon SystemsBallisticBallistic weapons deal 5% more damage per ✦
Ballistics weapons recharge 5% faster per ✦
Ballistic Weapons Specialist ✦
Gideon Aker ✦ ✦
Jessamine Griffin ✦ ✦
EM Weapon SystemsEMEM weapons deal 5% more damage per ✦
EM weapons recharge 5% faster per ✦
EM Weapons Specialist ✦
Vasco ✦
Moara Otero ✦ ✦
Energy Weapon SystemsEnergyEnergy weapons deal 5% more damage per ✦
Ballistics weapons recharge 5% faster per ✦
Maxes out at 15% for both
Energy Weapons Specialist ✦
Dani Garcia ✦
Andreja ✦ ✦
Missile Weapon SystemsMissilesMissiles deal 5% more damage per ✦
Missiles recharge 5% faster per ✦
Missile Weapons Specialist ✦
Gideon Aker ✦ ✦
Particle Beam Weapon SystemsParticle BeamsParticle Beams deal 5% more damage per ✦
Particle beams recharge 5% faster per ✦
Maxes out at 15% for both
Particle beams Specialist ✦
Lyle Brewer ✦
Marika Boros ✦
Andreja ✦ ✦ ✦
Barrett ✦ ✦ ✦
Companion Skills List

Follower Skills


These skills increases the companion’s damage with a particular weapon by 10%, but have no effect on the player.

Skill nameWeaponCompanion BonusCompanions with this skill
BallisticsBallisticsCompanion deals 10% more damage with ballistic weapons per ✦Marika Boros ✦ ✦
DemolitionsGrenades/MinesCompanion deals 10% more damage with grenades and mines per ✦Lin ✦
Energy Weapon DissipationHealth?Untested. Can someone confirm what this stat does?Ezekiel ✦✦
IncapacitationEM weaponsCompanion deals 10% more damage with EM weapons per ✦ (Needs confirmation)Mickey Caviar ✦
LasersLasersCompanion deals 10% more damage with laser weapons per ✦Sophia Grace ✦
Sarah Morgan ✦ ✦ ✦
MarksmanshipRange weapons?Increase critical chance with ranged weapons (Needs confirmation)Simeon Bankowski ✦
Moara Otero ✦✦
Pistol CertificationPistosCompanion deals 10% more damage with Pistos per ✦Security Chief ✦
Rifle CertificationRiflesCompanion deals 10% more damage with riffles per ✦Amelia Earhart ✦ ✦
Sam Coe ✦ ✦ ✦
SharpshootingRange weapons?Increases head shot critical (Need to know how this gets calculated)Simeon Bankowski ✦
Shotgun CertificationShotgunsCompanion deals 10% more damage with Shotguns per ✦Marika Boros ✦
Lyle Brewer ✦ ✦
Sniper CertificationSnipersCompanion deals 10% more damage with Shotguns per ✦Simeon Bankowski ✦ ✦
Lyle Brewer ✦ ✦
Companion Skills List


These skills are special and often only given to 1 or 2 companions.

Skill nameCompanion BonusCompanions with this skill
ConcealmentUnknown what this does. Can someone dig into the code and find out?Adoring Fan ✦
Jessamine Griffin ✦
RoboticsCompanion deals more damage to robots 10% more damage to robots per ✦ (Needs confirmation)Dani Garcia ✦ ✦
Barrett ✦ ✦
StealthDecrease the chance the companion is seen when seeking by 25% per ✦ (Needs confirmation)Sophia Grace ✦ ✦ ✦
Andreja ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Weight LiftingIncrease carry capacity. (Need to know how this gets calculated)Adoring fan ✦✦
WellnessIncrease companion’s maximum health by 10% per ✦Mickey Caviar ✦ ✦
Rosie Tannehill ✦ ✦ ✦
XenosociologyDoes not appear to do anything. (Needs confirmation)Lyle Brewer 
Companion Skills List

Gift Skills

These skills makes companions occasionally gift the player with random items when assigned to a ship/outpost/follower

Skill nameItem CategoryCompanion BonusCompanions with this skill
ChemistryChemicals?The companion will occasionally gift checmical items to the player. (Needs confirmation)Dani Garcia ✦
BotanyPlantsThe companion will occasionally gift plant items to the playerSarah Morgan ✦
GastronomyfoodThe companion will occasionally gift food items to the playerMickey Caviar ✦
Barrett ✦
Geologyores/mineralsThe companion will occasionally gift ore/mineral items to the playerHeller ✦
Sam Coe ✦
MedicineMedicalThe companion will occasionally gift healing items to the playerRosie Tannehill ✦
Scavengingmiscs?The companion will occasionally gift miscs items to the player. (Needs confirmation)Adoring Fan ✦
Ezekiel ✦
TheftcreditsThe companion will occasionally gift 900 credits to the playerJessamine Griffin ✦
Andreja ✦
Companion Skills List

Outpost Skills

Placeholder description

Skill nameOutpost bonusesCompanions with this skill
Outpost EngineeringUnknownRafael Aguerro ✦
Andromeda Kelper ✦ ✦
Heller ✦ ✦ ✦
Outpost ManagementMaterals are harvested faster (Need to know how this gets calculated)Outpost Management Specialist ✦
Rafael Aguerro ✦
Lin ✦ ✦ ✦
Companion Skills List
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