Starfield Crafting, Skills & Tips

Hello from our Starfield Crafting, Skills & Tips guide. Have you just started the game and do you need a lot of details? This guide contains crafting, skills and many tips for beginners. Check out our guide for details!

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Starfield Crafting, Skills & Tips

Welcome to our Starfield Crafting, Skills & Tips guide. This guide will show beginner crafting, skills and more tips in the game!

Starfield Beginner’s Guide


A thematically appropriate introduction that prepares players for the epic space adventure that is Starfield.

General Tips for Starfield

This section provides basic advice and tips that cover all aspects of the game, from character creation to quests and handling bounties.

Character Creation

Don’t necessarily pick all the traits in the character editor, as each comes with its disadvantages.

Fast Travel and Inventory

To fast-travel, simply select it from the map.
You can store items in your spaceship to unburden your inventory.

First Steps in the Game

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed initially. The first two main quests do a good job of introducing many gameplay mechanics.

Quests and Bounties

The game has random quest goals and various types of quests.
If a bounty has been placed on you, you can pay it off at special stations in settlements.

Exploration of Planets

Activate scanner: Press the F key.

Scan: After activating the scanner, scan with the E key.

Resource Mining

Mine minerals: Once you’ve found minerals, you can mine them using the Cutter mining tool.

Collect plants and geodes: Press the E key to collect.

Crafting & Workbenches


Workbenches in Starfield are essential for progress. This guide will take you through the main types and their functions.
Types of Workbenches and Their Functions

Suit Workbench: Create mods for your spacesuit and helmet.

Weapon Workbench: Create new weapons or upgrade existing ones.

Industrial Workbench: Create basic building elements and advanced resource gatherers.

Pharmaceutical Lab: Mix useful substances for health boosts or buffs.

Cooking Station: Prepare food and drinks.

Resources and Crafting

At each workbench, choose the desired product. On the right side, you’ll see the required resources.

Mastering Research and Skills

The key to success in Starfield lies in intelligent use of research and skills.

Starting Steps

Your first research site can be found in the basement of the lodge in New Atlantis.

Beginner’s Research

To expand your research projects, go to the skill menu and use your points.

Essential Skills

Research Methods (Level 1), Suit Design (Level 2), Weapon Technology (Level 2), Chemistry (Level 3), Outpost Technology (Level 3)

Ultimate Guide to Defeating Terrormorphs


Weapon choice: Make sure to bring high-damage weapons.
Equipment: Have enough shields and healing items.
Team: If possible, recruit team members or use NPC help.

Combat Phase

  • Lures: Use grenades to divert the Terrormorph’s attention.
  • Timing: Wait for the right moment to attack the Terrormorph’s weak points.
  • Shields and Healing: Use shields and healing items when your health is low.

Ending Phase

Call for support: If possible, call for NPC support to defeat the Terrormorph more effectively.

Finishing Moves: Use your strongest attacks to finally defeat the Terrormorph.

After the Battle

Collect resources: Terrormorphs often drop valuable resources.

Update Quests: If the fight was part of a quest, make sure you’ve met all the requirements and return to the quest giver.

Dive deep into the atmospheres of unknown spheres and have a blast!

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