Starfield How to Store Items on Ship

Starfield How to Store Items on Ship

Storing items in your ship in Starfield is crucial for managing your inventory effectively, especially considering the limited space. Here’s a detailed guide on how to store items in your ship and how to increase your ship’s storage capacity.

Starfield How to Store Items on Ship

How to Store Items on Ship in Starfield game

Storing items on your ship in Starfield is a crucial aspect of managing your inventory effectively. Here’s a concise guide on how to store items on your ship:

  1. Access Your Ship’s Cargo Hold:
    • Open the game’s pause menu.
    • In the lower left corner of the screen, select the ship icon or ship-related option (the exact wording may vary slightly).
    • This action will take you to an overview of your ship.
  2. Select Cargo Hold:
    • Once in the ship overview screen, look for the ‘Cargo Hold’ option among the command prompts.
    • Typically, this will be in the bottom right section of your screen.
  3. Transfer Items:
    • When you access the Cargo Hold, you’ll see everything you’ve collected during your space adventures.
    • From this screen, you can perform various actions, including:
      • Taking selected items from your ship’s storage.
      • Checking your current inventory.
      • Jettisoning (discarding) selected items.
      • Sorting the items for easier organization.
      • Taking all items from your ship’s storage.
      • Inspecting individual items to learn more about them.
  4. Choose Your Actions:
    • Decide which items you want to store on your ship by selecting them.
    • Use the game’s prompts to confirm your actions. Typically, this involves pressing specific keys or buttons, depending on your platform.
  5. Organize Your Storage:
    • Once you’ve stored items on your ship, you can keep useful ones for crafting or sell less valuable items for Credits, which can be used for upgrades or purchases.
  6. Accessing Ship Cargo Hold Onboard:
    • If you’re already on your ship, you may find a dedicated ‘Cargo Hold’ panel onboard. The location of this panel can vary depending on your ship’s design.
    • Simply walk up to this panel and interact with it to access and manage your ship’s storage more conveniently.

That’s how you store items on your ship in Starfield. Efficiently managing your ship’s storage is essential for your adventures in the game, allowing you to collect valuable resources and gear as you explore the vast universe.

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Increasing Ship Storage in Starfield

To increase your ship’s storage capacity in Starfield, you have several options:

  1. Payloads Skill: Invest in the Payloads skill in the tech tree. This skill directly increases your cargo hold capacity, offering up to a 50% increase at rank 4. It’s a valuable way to boost storage without spending credits.
  2. Cargo Module Upgrades: Visit a Ship Services Technician in any major city to upgrade your ship’s Cargo module. This will cost credits but provides more effective Cargo Holds with greater space.
  3. Adding Additional Cargo Modules: Similarly, you can add additional Cargo Holds by consulting a Ship Services Technician. This further expands your ship’s storage capacity, but it comes at a cost.
  4. Purchasing New Ships: Consider purchasing new ships that come with larger Cargo Holds by default. Some of the best Starfield ships are free and often feature spacious Cargo Holds. The Razorleaf, obtained by completing the Starfield Mantis puzzle, is an excellent example.

By following these instructions, you can efficiently manage your inventory, store valuable items, and expand your ship’s storage capacity in the vast universe of Starfield.

Starfield Captain's Locker

Upgrading Your Cargo Hold in Starfield

To enhance your Cargo Hold in Starfield, first, locate a Ship Technician, often situated near the ship services on the New Atlantis landing pad. Initiate a conversation with them and choose the option to view and modify your ships. This will lead you to an overview of your ship. Look for the ‘Ship Builder‘ option, granting access to ship builder mode for upgrades.

Inside this mode, you can opt to duplicate your existing storage system if you favor its design or add a new Cargo Hold module to your ship. Explore the ‘Cargo‘ section to discover various modules with differing storage capacities. After making your choice, purchase the module and attach it to your ship. Lastly, ensure there are no flight errors stemming from your upgrades, ensuring a fully functional and expanded Cargo Hold for your cosmic adventures in Starfield.

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