Starfield: Junction Box Location in Alternating Currents

In the vast expanse of Starfield, navigating the intricate quests can be both exhilarating and challenging. In this guide, we will focus on a crucial objective within the quest Alternating Current – finding the elusive Junction Box.

Starfield Junction Box Location

When you reach the Trade Authority, Zoe will notify you of another objective related to locating the Junction Box. To achieve this, follow these steps:

1. Jake’s Bar Climb

  • Head back to Jake’s Bar.
  • Look for an objective marker related to some pipes.
  • Search for a platform that spans above into the Jake’s Bar slum area.
  • Follow the platform and keep an eye out for a second floor above the football goalpost.
  • Climb up to this second floor.
  • Locate a part of the fence that has broken, allowing you to climb to another point.
  • Jump across to the platform.

2. Power Room Route

  • Alternatively, make your way to the power room where all the generators are.
  • Climb up the generator on the right when you face them.
  • Parkour your way up the generators until you can reach the raised platform where the Junction Box is located.

Once you’re on the platform, press the objective button to activate it. Please note that, at the time of writing, this objective might appear bugged, displaying that it needs activation even after you’ve activated it.

Moving Forward

After successfully activating the Junction Box in the Well, your next step is to journey to the Residential District on the surface. Here, you’ll face a critical choice that will impact the quest’s outcome:

  • Proceed through the mission, making your way to the Tower it directs you to.
  • Enter the tower’s floor.
  • Use your lockpicking skills to unlock the door.
  • Download the data from the terminal.

Should I choose Louisa or Zoe?

The choice between Louisa and Zoe in the Alternating Currents quest in Starfield ultimately depends on your personal preferences and playstyle, as it doesn’t have a significant impact on the immediate outcome of the quest. Here’s some guidance to help you make your decision:

Now that you possess the data, return to the well via either the elevator in the train station below MAST or the one near the coffee shop in the Spaceport. Once you’re back in the well, head to the Trade Authority, where you’ll encounter the pivotal decision: Louisa or Zoe.

Louisa or Zoe Choice Results

The immediate effects of this choice mainly involve credit rewards and slightly different voice lines based on your level. Credits awarded can vary, with reports ranging from 2000 to 3300 credits.

While some choices may hint at deeper repercussions in the UC “Vanguard” storyline or other UC-related storylines, concrete evidence remains elusive. Keep an eye out for future updates or player discoveries that could shed more light on the consequences of your decision.

As of now, it appears that the deeper ramifications of this choice are yet to be confirmed. If you come across any significant findings or changes related to this side quest, please share them with the community to help us keep this guide up-to-date. Happy exploring in Starfield!

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