Starfield Oxygen and Traits

Hello from our Starfield Oxygen and Traits guide. How does oxygen work together with traits in Starfield? If you are looking for the answer to this question, you are in the right place because we have explained it in detail in this guide!

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Starfield Oxygen and Traits

Welcome to our Starfield Oxygen and Traits guide. This guide will show you detailed information about how Oxygen works together with Traits in Starfield!

Trait Bonuses

Alien DNA

  • Oxygen +50, unconditional


  • Oxygen consumption ~ +30%, human companion
  • Oxygen consumption ~ -30%, no or non-human companion

Note: without this Trait, O2+CO2 takes ~ 30s to deplete. With it it takes ~ 42s to deplete. O2+CO2 lasts around ~ 40% longer, meaning consumption is lessened by ~ 30%.


  • Oxygen consumption ~ -30%, human companion
  • Oxygen consumption ~ +30%, no or non-human companion

Serpents Embrace

  • Oxygen +25, < 4 hours latest Grav Jump
  • Oxygen -25, > 8 (?) hours latest Grav Jump


  • Oxygen -25, planetside
  • Oxygen +25, in space

Terra Firma

  • Oxygen +25, planetside
  • Oxygen -25, in space

How Oxygen Works

A.) Base Oxygen

Oxygen starts at 100 and does NOT improve per each level, unlike is the case with HP. Extra Oxygen from Traits is not multiplied with the Fitness Perk.

B.) Oxygen Regeneration

After fully depleting O2+CO2, it takes roughly 35 seconds (not encumbered) to refill both. It always requires these 35 seconds to refill, so higher Oxygen means more of it is regenerated per each second. This yields the following regeneration rates:

  • 100/35s = 2,9 Oxygen/s > no Traits or bonuses
  • 125/35s = 3,6 Oxygen/s > any +25 Oxygen Trait
  • 130/35s = 3,7 Oxygen/s > Fitness 3
  • 150/35s = 4,3 Oxygen/s > Alien DNA
  • 155/35s = 4,4 Oxygen/s > any +25 Oxygen Trait + Fitness 3
  • 180/35s = 5,1 Oxygen/s > Fitness 3 + Alien DNA
  • 205/35s = 5,8 Oxygen/s > any +25 Oxygen Trait + Fitness 3 + Alien DNA

Alien DNA gives a whopping Oxygen bonus and it is uncoditional, making it the best flat # Oxygen bonus available. Compared to Fitness 3, Fitness 3 + Alien DNA gives ~ +40% more Oxygen, 180 to 130, meaning whatever you do that depletes Oxygen, you can do it for ~ 40% longer.

C.) Oxygen Consumption

It takes around 30 seconds to deplete O2+C02. The Extrovert Perk increases that time frame to a whopping 42 seconds, meaning again, you can do whatever depletes your Oxygen for ~ 40% longer.

D.) Alien DNA + Extrovert

The ultimate Oxygen build multiplies the bonuses from Alien DNA and Extrovert. It takes 40% times 40% longer to deplete Oxygen and then it regenerates +40% more Oxygen/s. The final benefit of combining these Traits is close to +100% Oxygen “management”.

E.) Alien DNA or Extrovert

I recommend Alien DNA. A larger Oxygen pool allows you to undertake more depleting activities while it regenerates more Oxygen. I found that the difference between Alien DNA and Extrovert is roughly 5% in favor of Alien DNA. Both do the same thing, but Alien DNA does is a bit better.

Plus there is the condition to have a particular Companion. Chances are, an Expansion adds a new Companion youd really like to tag along with you, but your Trait grants you a hefty debuff for doing so. Alien DNA is unconditional and the better Trait of the two.

I recommend taking either the Alien DNA or Extrovert Trait in any 1 playthrough. It makes traversing on foot perceiveable faster. I dont think you need both Traits, as there are some added Oxygen bonuses from Skill Mags and especially gear, like -25% Oxygen consumption from some rare Boost Packs.

Written by Schutzengel

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