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Starfield: Ship Services Locations (7/7)

In Starfield, you’ll need Ship Services Technicians to customize and modify your spaceship. Each planet has its own unique service technicians. In this guide, you can find the locations of all the service technicians on the planets. Thanks to these technicians, you can browse the ships available there and customize your own ship. Let’s do a little spaceship modification!

Starfield Ship Services Technicians For Customize and Modify

In the world of starship commerce, you’ll encounter two common types of merchants when you touch down in major cities like New Atlantis, Cydonia, and Akila City. These cities have proper ports equipped with skilled technicians who play a crucial role in interstellar travel. They ensure that arriving ships are well-maintained, serviced, and free from pests. Among these technicians, you’ll often find a specific kind known as “Ship Services Techs.” These are the folks you can chat with if you’re interested in purchasing new ships or upgrading your existing ones.

All Ship Services Technicians Locations in Starfield game.

Ship Services Locations

Here’s a handy list of the locations where you can find Ship Services Technicians throughout the vast expanse of Starfield:

  • Akali City
    • Planet: Akila
    • System: Cheyenne
    • Location: Head from the port toward Akila City. At a fork in the road, take a right (left leads to the city gate). Inside the Ship Services building, you’ll find the technician.
  • Cydonia
    • Planet: Mars
    • System: Sol
    • Location: Fast travel to Cydonia on Mars (not the Landing Area or Mars Launchpad). You’ll appear outside, in a tunnel leading to the city. Turn left to locate the Ship Services building, and you’ll spot the technician right out front.
  • Hopetown
    • Planet: Polvo
    • System: Valo
    • Location: Travel to the Valo system (it can be tricky to find, often hidden by the Narion system, so select Narion and then Valo from the dropdown menu) and land at Hopetown on Polvo. The Ship Services Technician should be straight ahead.
  • Neon
    • Planet: Volii Alpha
    • System: Volii
    • Location: After landing, look to the left of where your ship touches down, right on the edge of the landing pad. The Ship Services building is there, although the NPC might not always spawn. If they do, they’ll be behind the desk inside.
  • New Atlantis
    • Planet: Jemison
    • System: Alpha Centauri
    • Location: Once your ship lands, head forward toward a ramp. You’ll find this technician just to the right of the ramp.
  • Red Mile
    • Planet: Porrima III
    • System: Porima
    • Location: From the port, make your way to the “Red Mile” sign, pass through two airlock doors, and go upstairs to find the Ship Services desk. The technician you’re looking for, an NPC named Lon Anderssen, is in the office behind the desk.
  • The Den
    • Planet: Chtonia
    • System: Wolf
    • Location: Warp to the Wolf system (located just to the right of the Sol system) and dock at The Den. You’ll find the Ship Services Technician right in front of you upon arrival.

Note: Ship Services Technicians offer a wide range of parts from various manufacturers. Their inventory is diverse, but it might not include a complete catalog of parts from any single vendor. So, keep in mind that their stock can vary.

In conclusion, the Ship Services Technicians in Starfield play a vital role in your interstellar adventures. These experts are your gateway to customizing and upgrading your spaceship. With their help, you can explore the vast universe, acquire new ships, and fine-tune your own vessel. So, embrace the journey, visit these technicians, and new space odysseys with your tailored spacecraft. The stars await your exploration!

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