Starfield Skill Magazine Locations

Hello from our Starfield Skill Magazine Locations guide. See that skill magazine? You can climb it. This guide is a work in progress and written from the middle of NG+. As such early magazines may be missing from the guide until a later time.

This is the guide Oliver it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Starfield Skill Magazine Locations

Welcome to our Starfield Skill Magazine Locations guide. The general design seems to be that you’ll find the magazines wherever one would conceivably place them after or for later reading e.g. on tables, open lockers and such. In my experience they’re also placed fairly visibly (barring one exception that still arguably follows that pattern), but often in a way such that you’d want to take a closer look at your environments. You probably won’t find one inside a closed locker.

The guide is written location first A-Z, agnostic of reward for generated encampments (a relay station is a relay station is a relay station) since they seem to change around or may be seeded per save. For example I’ve found both a carrying capacity magazine in an UC listening station on NG, but then another one on NG+ (if you’re seeing this I’ll add accurate directions once I find another such station).

Enemy Encampments

Abandoned Cryo Lab

  • It’s inside the building but before entering the complex itself. Just go into the office on the left after entering the building. It’s on the far end of the office table.

Abandoned Hangar

  • From the landing pad, enter the building on the left, go down one floor and it’ll be on the table inside the windowed office room.

Abandoned Industrial Compound

  • Inside the crew quarters (large hexagon overlooking the lower, fenced yard), It’s in the first set of open lockers near the beds immediately to the left.

Abandoned Maintenance Bay

  • Central set of rooms on their second floor. There’s a small table between rows of waiting room chairs. Stairs can be found near the leftmost entrance.

Abandoned Mine

  • After entering the complex, jump down into the very first pit, then take a right and enter the building at the end of the corridor. Once you enter it the magazine will be at the toolbench to your right.

Abandoned Mineral Refinery

  • Once you go inside there’ll be a room that’s been converted into a living space. There’s a table with 3 chairs and a magazine roughly in the middle of it.

Deserted Ecliptic Garrison

  • Between the two landing pads (Yours and the one being unloaded) there’s a house. The magazine is on the second floor of it, on the table to the left of the crafting station.

Deserted Mineral Plant

  • Crew quarters. First bedroom past the ping pong table. The magazine is in the opened locker to the right.

Deserted UC Garrison

  • There’s a single two-story building here, and the magazine is on the table on the left once you climb the stairs.
  • Note: This base seems to be winter+habitable biome specific


Akila City – Consulate

  • Freestar Captain’s log #3 – +5% damage to robots
  • On the table in the second room.

Note: If you have trouble finding the building, it’s on the top of the stairs and to the left of the rock, Akila City’s central tower. (I’d suggest nabbing the sinclair magazine next for ease of navication)

Akila City – The rock

  • Gunslinger’s guide #1 – +5% reload speed on laredo weapons
  • On the table at the end of the stairs on the very top floor, if you’ve gone inside Blake’s office you’ve gone too far.

Akila City – Sinclair’s Books

  • Gunslinger’s guide #2 – +5% reload speed on laredo weapons
  • From the consulate, walk down the stairs perpendicular to the tower and you’ll find the shop. Once inside the book is on the second table to your right. Within the little section with the research station.

Akila City – The Stretch

  • Va’ruun Scripture #3 – +1 sneak bonus, +5% melee sneak attack damage
  • It’s in the back of the ruined va’ruun house opposite of the Jansens.

Cydonia – Residential area – Deimos Miner Quarters

  • Mining Monthly #07 – +2% tool grip damage
  • On the table immediately to the right after entering the labeled door.
  • Note: The area entrance halfway down the mining pit practically puts you right in front of it.

Gagarin Landing – Foundry “entrance”

  • Kryx journal entry #5 – -2% requirements on basic/advanced social skills
  • From the landing pad, walk past the statue and take a right, up the small set of stairs and keep going straight forward until you reach the end of the walk. The journal on the table right in front of the entrance.

New Atlantis – The Well – Apex Electronics

  • Cyber Runner’s Cipher #2 – +5% Crit laser damage
  • Table immediately to your right once you enter.

New Atlantis – The Well – Kay’s house, second floor

  • New Atlantian #5 – Shepherd’s pie
  • Immediately to your right once you enter her apartment

Red Mile

  • Tracker’s Primer #3 – ++5% particle weapon damage
  • The second room on the second floor. On the table between the two armchairs in view of the entrance.

Red Mile – Crater

  • Grunt #1 – +5% Crit ballistic damage
  • There’s a spacer corpse just to the right of the pedestal. Help yourself to the magazine inside his inventory.
Written by Oliver

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