Starfield Where to Sell Contraband

Hello from our Starfield Where to Sell Contraband guide. Where can you sell Starfield contraband? In the world of Starfield, contraband encompasses anything prohibited for possession or trade within a specific area. Possessing contraband generally implies that you’ve acquired restricted items or substances. The game designates your Starfield contraband with a conspicuous yellow marker in your inventory, allowing you to keep tabs on items suitable for sale on the black market.

Starfield Where To Sell Contraband

Hello from our Starfield Where To Sell Contraband guide. If your stash of Starfield contraband is becoming a liability, whether financially or ethically, you’re likely eager to dispose of it swiftly.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply peddle it to any run-of-the-mill merchant, as that would lead to a price on your head. Therefore, you’ll need an alternative strategy. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the avenues for selling your Starfield contraband, complete with specific locations and additional insights for managing your ill-gotten gains.

Where to Sell Contraband in Starfield

In the world of Starfield, selling contraband necessitates a visit to one of three destinations: regional Trade Authority human representatives, Trade Authority ships, or the notorious Crimson Fleet. However, keep in mind that certain contraband vendors might insist on completing a trust-building mission before engaging in transactions.

Finding buyers for stolen goods is relatively common, but locating willing buyers for Starfield contraband can be a more challenging endeavor.

Trade Authority Human Representative

To trade Starfield contraband within the game, you won’t be able to use Trade Authority kiosks; instead, you’ll need to locate the regional Trade Authority human representative. For example, if you’re in New Atlantis, you can head over to the Wells area and find Zoe, who can help you sell your Starfield contraband. These Trade Authority representatives can be found in all major cities.

When interacting with a Trade Authority vendor, you can sell your Starfield contraband items directly from your ship’s inventory. This means you don’t have to carry the contraband on your person when making the sale.

It’s important to note that in these areas, your ability to sell Starfield contraband relies on successfully smuggling it into the region without triggering any scanner alerts.

Trade Authority Ships

During your exploration in the game, you’ll come across Trade Authority ships. Assuming the ship is located in a region not under faction control, you can choose to dock there and sell your Starfield contraband items.

Crimson Fleet

The Crimson Fleet operates its own Trade Authority and refrains from conducting scans on your ship. You can access the option to sell Starfield contraband to this group as part of the game’s Deep Cover mission.

How to Conceal Contraband in Starfield

In order to keep your Contraband hidden in Starfield, you must equip your ship with a Shielded Cargo Hold. While this doesn’t provide an absolute guarantee that your Contraband won’t be detected, it significantly reduces the chances of it being spotted.

The primary method we’ve discovered for obtaining a Shielded Cargo Hold is by purchasing one, either as a standalone component or as part of a ship already equipped with it, from Lon Anderssen at the Red Mile outpost on Porrima III within the ‘Porrima’ Star System. Note that the planet’s name may vary in your game, so be sure to search for the Red Mile landing location on other planets within the Porrima system if it’s not on Porrima III for you.

You’ll find Lon behind a yellow door near the entrance of the Red Mile. If you opt to purchase a ship, select the ‘Trader Railstar’ option during the purchase process to acquire the ship with the Shielded Cargo Hold pre-installed. This purchase comes with a price tag of 72,000 Credits.

If you prefer to acquire the Shielded Cargo Hold as a standalone part, visit the ship builder section with Lon, ensure nothing is highlighted, and then click the ‘Add’ button, navigating to the cargo hold menu. This option is considerably more budget-friendly compared to purchasing an entirely new ship.

While we haven’t personally encountered these opportunities, it’s worth noting that Shielded Cargo Holds can potentially be obtained from Crimson Fleet ships through hijacking. This route can be a more cost-effective way to acquire this essential component, so if you chance upon one, consider commandeering it primarily for its Shielded Cargo Hold.

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