Staryard Locations in Starfield

Staryards in Starfield are orbiting hubs where you can buy new ships and ship components. Merchants here favor their own brands, limiting others. However, they offer a full range of their products, a rarity. Locate staryards using the starmap’s spacecraft icons, marked “staryard” in the title.

Starfield Staryard

In the vast expanse of Starfield, not only do you encounter skilled technicians, but there are also orbiting staryards where you can acquire new ships and ship components. These staryard merchants are quite loyal to their own brand of components, often favoring them over others. This means that you might find options from other brands limited or even absent in their offerings. However, on the bright side, these merchants usually stock the full range of products from their own company, which can be quite rare to come across elsewhere in the galaxy.

To locate staryards in the game, you’ll want to use the starmap and keep an eye out for black and white diamond icons representing various spacecraft. If the title includes the word “staryard,” it’s definitely worth investigating. For example, you can check out the Deimos Staryard on Mars in the Sol system or the Stroud-Eklund Staryard in Deepala, orbiting the planet Narion.

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All Staryard Locations in Starfield

It’s essential to understand that staryards are akin to the dealerships you might encounter in the real world for cars. Just as the value of a car tends to drop once you drive it off the lot, the same goes for your purchases from staryards in Starfield. You might invest a substantial sum of 50,000 credits in upgrading your ship, only to recoup a fraction of that if you decide to upgrade again later on. Be prepared for this financial reality when venturing into the world of staryards in Starfield. It can be a bit of a money pit!

Here are list of all the Staryard locations in Starfield:

  1. Deimos Staryard
    • Location: Orbiting Deimos, Moon of Cydonia, Sol System
    • Side Missions: Drydock Blues: Deimos Staryard
    • Offers a variety of ships and upgrade parts.
  2. Stroud-Ekland Staryard
    • Location: Orbiting Deepala, Nairon System
    • Features several different ship models for sale.
  3. Trident Luxury Lines Staryard
    • Location: Orbiting Akila, Cheyenne System
    • Primarily deals with shipments of Aluminum in exchange for credits.
  4. Nova Galactic Staryard
    • Location: Orbiting Luna, Moon of Earth, Sol System
    • Main Mission: The Old Neighborhood
    • Note: This Staryard becomes unavailable after completing “The Old Neighborhood” mission.

These are all the Staryard locations you can find in the game Starfield. Each of them offers unique opportunities and resources for your interstellar adventures.

All Staryard Locations in Starfield game.

How to Dock With Staryards in Starfield

  1. Locate the Staryard: To begin, you’ll need to find the Staryard you want to visit. These Staryards are stationary and hang in space above specific planets. To locate one, Grav Jump to the planet the Staryard is orbiting.
  2. Identify the Staryard: Once you’re in the vicinity of the planet, scan the area until you spot a large satellite-like structure. This structure is the Staryard you’re looking for. Unlike ships, Staryards don’t move and will always be in the same location.
  3. Hail the Staryard: Approach the Staryard by flying your ship towards it. When you’re in range, press the “A” button to hail the Staryard. This is your way of requesting permission to board.
  4. Request Permission: After hailing the Staryard, you’ll need to wait for permission to board. Once you receive clearance, you’ll see an indication on your screen.
  5. Dock Your Ship: To dock with the Staryard, you’ll need to be in close proximity to it. If you don’t see the docking option yet, continue flying closer to the Staryard until the “Dock” prompt appears next to the hail button.
  6. Board the Staryard: Once you’re sufficiently close and the “Dock” option is available, press the “X” button to initiate the docking process. Your ship will then safely connect with the Staryard.
  7. Exploring the Staryard: Congratulations! You’ve successfully docked with the Staryard. You can now disembark from your ship by pressing “X” again to board the Staryard. Inside, you’ll find a variety of services, missions, and resources depending on the specific Staryard.

Remember that each Staryard offers different opportunities, so exploring them can be an exciting part of your Starfield adventure. Safe travels!

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