Tales of Arise Rudhir Forest Walkthrough

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Tales of Arise Rudhir Forest Walkthrough

Despite this area being covered in a blizzard, there’s plenty of places to swim. Open your map to locate the merchant marked on the path to the north.

Along the way, you will find 300 Gald in the water immediately to the right of the Rudhir Forest entrance. Climb out of the water and beat up the Roper’s then pick up the Orange Gel they’re guarding.

Jump down the first ladder you come across and beat up the Roper x3 enemy, then collect the 1050 Gald in the blue treasure chest. There’s another body of water you can swim in to find Peach Gel x1, and a small island packed with Zeugles. Beat them up and open the red treasure chest they’re guarding to receive the Onyx One Piece. Swim back to the main path and pick up the Orange Gel x1 and the Verbena.

Tales of Arise Rudhir Forest Walkthrough
Tales of Arise Rudhir Forest Walkthrough

Make your way to the merchant and be sure to save and heal, there’s a boss battle ahead. Watch the small cutscene that ensues further along the path and get ready for the second boss fight of the game—the Ice Wolf Leader, level 16.

Rudhir Forest Walkthrough
Rudhir Forest Walkthrough

You should be decently leveled enough by now to take this guy on without issues. Be sure to turn off any ice/water abilities as they don’t affect him, and use as many fire elemental artes as possible. Beat him up and head north to encounter another cutscene with a mysterious hooded man. Then move on to the next area, the Nevira Snowplains.

Rudhir Forest Item Checklist:

  • 300 Gald
  • Orange Gel x2
  • 1050 Gald
  • Peach Gel x1
  • Onyx One Piece
  • Verbena x1

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