Tales of Arise Safar Sea Cave Walkthrough

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Tales of Arise Safar Sea Cave Walkthrough

The Safar Sea Cave separates Cyslodia from Elde Menancia. There are several gathering points and a few chests in this area. If you find yourself low on health supplies, you can fast travel back to the campfire and the merchant in the Frozen Valley.

Tales of Arise Safar Sea Cave Walkthrough

The Central Level can be reached by jumping down the hole in the room (the holes in the floor can be found by the downward arrow symbol on your map). Go to the hole in floor to your right and then leap across the platform to open the blue chest containing Life Bottle. Jump into the water to find 765 Gald, and swim to the left side of the map with the Shellshocker x3 enemies (level 19). Atop the cliff nearby has a mining point and a ledge to drop down with Bloomy x4 (level 19) enemies to defeat. The blue chest nearby contains 1800 Gald.

Drop off the ledge and swim to the land mass with ??? markers. To the right of the staircase, there’s a rock you can destroy with Law’s map action to reveal a red treasure chest containing the accessory Black Onyx.

Backtrack and head up the large staircase to the very top. At the top of the staircases, jump down one of the holes in the floor to the Lower Level.

On the Lower Level, make your way to the south of a dead end room. There is a Zeugle Shell Vest armor for Law in the red chest surrounded by the Deceptive Effigy and Boomy enemies. Go back up the hallway and to the right to pick up a sack with Peach Gel on the floor, then jump off the ledge and head towards the shining light at the end of the tunnel to Elde Menancia.

Safar Sea Cave Item Checklist:

  • Life Bottle x1
  • 765 Gald
  • 1800 Gald
  • Black Onyx x1
  • Zeugle Shell Vest
  • Peach Gel x1

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