Tales of Arise Sandinus Ravine Walkthrough

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Tales of Arise Sandinus Ravine Walkthrough

Finally, some free reign before the first city you encounter! Take your time here and practice beating up the enemies along the way. Don’t forget you have a health bar now! Abuse the campsite for resting if needed.

Tales of Arise Sandinus Ravine Walkthrough
Tales of Arise Sandinus Ravine Walkthrough

Continue along the path to watch yet another cutscene, and continue pressing on once you’ve gained control of Iron Man. Beat up a few monsters along the way and pay attention to the new mechanic tutorials. You have a health bar now—so try not to die! Some large enemies like the Golem will have orange-glowing spirit cores that can be destroyed after taking a set amount of damage. Doing so will break the core and stagger them. After you beat up the Golem, head left and up the ladder. There is a ladder icon on your mini-map if you’re lost. Climb up this ladder to find some ore. Jump off the ledge and continue onward towards the right to find a chest containing Life Bottle x3 before taking the longer path.

You’ll find a campfire to restore missing health. In the camping menu you can view all Skits and cutscenes you’ve previously watched. You can also press RB to watch even more Skits amongst your characters. There’s a lot of information to learn and take in all at once so take your time.

When you’re ready, select Rest. When you wake up, your destination is Ulzebek, a safehaven for Dahnan people. Open your Map and head towards the yellow star, or the ??? marked on the Map. If you find yourself low on health or CP, head back to the campfire to rest as much as you like.

There are several unopened chests and gathering markers along the way to Ulzebek. Once you cross the first bridge, jump down to your left and collect the Carp and the Sage x1. Climb back up the ladder and to the next area, go left to pick up an Apple Gel. Run across what looks like train tracks and run up the cliff to your right. Don’t fight this monster, it’s level 43. Collect the Mushrooms at the bottom of this cliff and press on.

Tales of Arise Sandinus Ravine Walkthrough
Tales of Arise Sandinus Ravine Walkthrough

Beat up the Armadillos and look for the red Dahnan Owl on your right. These Dahnan Owls are Collectibles and will make their presence known with audible hooting once you’re near one. If you find them all throughout the game, you’ll be rewarded with something extra special! This is the only Dahnan Owl in this area. If you open the Map, you’ll see a new Owl icon marked on the Map to reveal it’s location once you’ve discovered it. You’ll also receive a new Costume Item—Dog Tail. After it flies off, move towards your left to beat up more Armadillos x3 and gather more Wheat and Ore. There’s also a sack of Orange Gel on the ground. Pick it up and move towards the really big door to Ulzebek.

Sandinus Ravine Item Checklist:

  • Life Bottle x3
  • Apple Gel x1
  • Orange Gel x1
  • Carp x1
  • Sage x1

Tales of Arise Sandinus Ravine Video Guide

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