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Teamfight Tactics – Build Army

Build Army

First Line

At the beginning, the basis of your army should be the heroes fighting on the front line. They will largely determine the type of army you will be developing. When you build the first line, choose the remaining units according to class or origin of your tanks.

Two great suggestions to start with:

1. Three knights – Garen/Darius/Mordekaiser – excellent characters of the first line. Each of them costs only 1 gold, and in addition, they all belong to the Knight class. Two such units are enough to get the synergy of knights.

2. Wild adventurers – Warwick/Rek’Sai – both of these characters belong to the Brawler class, so buying them, you will immediately get a useful synergy. They do well alone, but you can also combine them with the Knights.

Of course, these are not the only possibilities. Each class in the game has characters that are most efficient in the first line. If you want to invest in mages, focus on buying Kassadine first, and for pirates, Graves will work well. It all depends on what Champs you draw at the beginning and what your opponents will buy. No point investing in Darius if 4-5 other players also chose him. The pool of all Champs is common!

How should I develop?

If you decide who will be on your first line, you can now build the rest of your army.

1. Three knights – as you started playing with Garen, a good option would be to focus on the Noble faction. The set of warriors includes Vine, Luciana and Fiora. You hence get a balanced composition and a very good synergy to increase armor and add treatment.

2. Wild adventurers – from this composition, you can follow two different directions. The first option – the fraction of the Wild, which includes Warwick, Ahri, Gnar (very strong unit!), Nidalee and Rengar. You will thus receive a great bonus to the attack speed. The second possibility is the Void faction. In this case, add Kassadin, Kha’zix, or Cho’gotha to your army, and all units will ignore part of the enemy’s armor.

Remember! If you have a stronger alternative of substitute Champs, then try to keep only the minimum number of units on the field to a certain synergy. The Void faction gets a bonus for three units of this faction, so it is not necessary to keep four of them.

What’s next?

If you already have several active synergies, try to develop them and add synergies that do not require a large number of units. A good example is the ninja faction, which activates synergy when we have one or 4 such units on board. It’s the same with Exile and its one representative Yasuo. An equally good solution are dragons – there’s only two of them in the game.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting. The best army, of course, has not yet been discovered, and sometimes the drawn objects can determine the outcome.

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