Teamfight Tactics – Champions Buying

Champions Buying

Each round, we have the opportunity to buy five random heroes, the so-called pawns. Each of them has its own name, price, origin and class. After the purchase, the champions are placed in the pen on your side of the map, where we can keep them, or release to fight in the next round. When buying, keep in mind a few things:

  • Creating an army, we always strive to build synergy between the origin / classes of heroes. A complete list of synergies can be found in the following chapters of the tutorial.
  • Each purchased hero starts with one of the three possible stars that determine its power.
  • If we send three identical heroes with the same number of stars on the card, they will merge, forming a hero with one more star. For example, if we put three Garens with two stars, we will create one Garen with three stars.
  • The pool with which the draw heroes is common to all players, so when choosing certain class, it’s worth checking whether other players want to base their army on the same character.
  • Heroes also have different levels of rarity (white, green, blue, purple, orange), and therefore strength. The higher the level of our Little Legend, the more likely we are to draw a rarer type of hero.
  • The number of identical heroes that players can draw is limited and depends on the level of their rarity. There are of course much more common Tristan (white pawn) characters than legendaries Yasuo (orange).
  • Increasing the level of a Little Legend increases the chance of getting strong figures.
  • You should experiment – don’t be afraid of selling the units. Initially, you can buy a few figures for initial rounds, and hunt for stronger characters in the meantime, who will fit your choosen set.

You should not refresh the pool of heroes in the initial rounds. Better wait with it until you have about 30-40 gold.

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