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Teamfight Tactics – Rounds List

TFT Rounds List

During “carousel” rounds, you’ll also be able to pick units, with the weakest player getting first dibs on what’s on offer (except in the first round, where it’s scramble to grab what you want first). Just walk your avatar over the Champion you want when it’s your turn.

In this article we’ve put together a quick overview of what you can expect to see from each neutral round, and when those rounds appear throughout the course of the match.

If you’re still in the game then you shouldn’t have too much trouble handling these less intense onslaughts. We’ll add some tips in with a future update if we think that would be helpful though.

12 x Melee
22 x Melee / 1 x Ranged
32 x Melee / 2 x Ranged
93 x Krugs
154 x Murk Wolf / 1 x Greater Murk Wolf
214 x Raptor / 1 x Crimson Raptor
271 x Dragon
332 x Mech Cannon / 4 x Mech Melee
391 x Rift Herald
451 x Elder Dragon


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