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Temtem – Money Farm Guide

Temtem Money Farming

Release Temtem for money!

Early on in the game it is hard to earn Temtem currency, the best thing you can do is prepare yourself for making future ‘bank’. TemCards only cost 15* so stock up. Ensure you catch and store as many Temtem as possible this is important as you can release Temtem later in your adventure for Temtem currency.

You can release Temtem at any point after reaching Route 5, Canopath and joining the Free Temtem Society after freeing Temtem you can come back for a reward.

  • Save up Temtem in the storage unit
  • Progress to Route 5, Canopath
  • Join the Free Temtem Society
  • Release Temtem
  • Collect currency reward

Image of healing station and storage unit.

Methods Untested

If you go to the water level of Windward Fort and surf to the left, there’s more Clan Belsoto fights. Then if you go to the right and South-West a bit, there’s a swimmer, beat him and say you beat all the Clan Belsoto, he will reward you with 30x Tiny Crystal, that you can sell.

In Temtem, getting money and restorative items is quite hard. But searching trash cans and boxes can grant you some loot! If you keep searching the cans and boxes, you will eventually find out useful stuff from them.

Don’t Loose a Fight

Currency is not only hard to come by in the beginning stages of TemTem but easily lost when ill prepared for a battle. Train up and utilise the healing centre to save currency on healing items. Don’t be afraid to back track to save that cash! Have a good balance between back-tracking and healing items, fainting results in a loss of currency.

Smart Purchases

The only smart purchases are cosmetics. Fashiontem for life.


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