TFT Best Team Comps(Tier) Last Patch 9.18

Origin and Class synergies can increase your champions’ max health, make them immune to magic damage and even increase your gold earnings by a considerable amount.

Naturally then, a meta is beginning to surface. As the game crawls out of infancy, a few team compositions and a pool of champions are emerging as the optimal pick of the bunch.

TFT Best Team Comps Last Patch 9.18

As it’s still early days for Teamfight Tactics, expect this list to change considerably once the game enters open beta and beyond.

For now, here’s a list of all the strongest champions and team compositions we’ve come across so far.

TFT Tier 1 Team Comps

1. Demon Elementalists

2. Demon Shapeshifters

3. Demon Sorcerers

4. Ranger Knights

5. Shapeshifters

6. Void Assassins

TFT Tier 2 Team Comps

7. BotRK Gunslingers

8. Imperial Blademasters

9. Jungle Void

10. Magical Yordles

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