TFT Item Tier List Last Patch 9.18

Item Tier List Last Patch 9.18

When valuing combined items, it’s important to understand opportunity cost and how that affects the items available to you. If two items use the same component and one is more useful, it makes the second more situational and devalues it.

Carries with three items are the major source of wins, so prioritizing what items you want for what champs you have and vice versa is critical. Be sure to plan ahead and get your best items on these carries that you’re building your team composition around.

S Tier Items

A Tier Items

B Tier Items

TFT Tier List

Our goal is to deliver the most correct tier list we can to help you win. As more data becomes available, we will add that to our decision making as well.

We work with experts with multiple queen accounts like Ace of Spades and Saintvicious to scientifically test hypotheses and come to logical conclusions. We will update these as frequently as possible as the meta settles.

We justify our decision making in the notes, so be sure to read that and weigh in. We welcome feedback to figure out what we missed!

Items within a tier are not in a specific order of priority. Items are valued based on opportunity cost as well. Building a worse item with critical components devalues the overall power level of the item in question.

Items are valued in the following way:

S-tier = Most powerful items in the game that are always valued.

A-tier = Strong items that have a good use case complimenting S-tier items.

B-tier = Items that are situational but still can work on specific champs.

Not on the list = Items that are rarely useful and probably made because you have basic components you don’t need sitting around.

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