The Curious Expedition – Secret Explorers

Secret Explorers

This was made to spread around all of the secret explorers that I could find.

How to Input Codes

After playing a bit and watching Blitz input a code for his secret character I wondered if there was any others and after the devs themselves saying there was 20 of them, I decided to make a guide for all the characters I could find the codes for or was told by others, so… ya enjoy.

How to input codes?

1. Go to options menu
2. Type in number code

That’s it if someone really has trouble with this step I will put up a screenshot to demonstrate but I’m assuming everyone knows how to do that.


Currently Known Secret Explorers;

Warning; You can only have one enabled at a time

Duke Lietu: Royal Cartographer
PIN: 2559

Kai: Archeologist
PIN: 0048

Blitz Kriegsler: Engineer
PIN: 4321

Johannes Kristmann
PIN: 1234

Rami Ismail
PIN: 1988

Austin Walker
PIN: 8038

Sir Chorge
PIN: 1401

Alison Zawacki
PIN: 1946

E.S. Goffterding
PIN: 2543

David Brender
PIN: 6731

Loki Texilake
PIN: 0509

PIN: 8879

Matthew Hadley
PIN: 0009

Frieherr Von Gehlsdorf
PIN: 1523

Sir Deddlee Endeavour
PIN: 7112

Olivia White
PIN: 8643

PIN: 0713

Baron Victor Von Paragon
PIN: 3008

Riad Djemili
PIN: 0607

There is more but I don’t know them.

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