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The Riftbreaker Combat Walkthrough

Welcome to our The Riftbreaker Combat Walkthrough guide. This guide will show you how to equip weapons, ammo production and what you want to know about the gameā€¦

The Riftbreaker Combat Walkthrough

Exploration and Combat

Mr Riggs is equipped with some really effective weaponry and the player should never rely entirely on turrets as their only source of damage. The player can move freely to areas that need help versus attack waves, along with being able to go on the offensive to root out alien hives or manager animals strolling in the neighboring location.

Equipping Weapons and Products – The Riftbreaker Combat Walkthrough

Opening the inventory screen (default hotkey: I) allows the player to gear up Mr Riggs with a range of weapons they have crafted (Hotkey: U).
Each arm, left and right, can be equipped with up to three (3) weapons which can be cycled when in-game by pushing default keys Q and E. This allows for a substantial range of weapons to deal with any situation without having to continuously enter and out of the stock screen.

Ammo Production and Storage Capacity

Developing an Armory from the Primary Buildings tab is essential to begin ammunition manufacturing for all weapons (Hotkey: Y).
After the HQ is upgraded to level 2 and a Communications Hub is built, the player can look into Ammo Production and Storage, allowing them to construct additional storage for Mr Riggs’ weapons (and also some towers which share the same ammunition pool).

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