Tribes of Midgard – SAGA Mode 101 Clearing

Tribes of Midgard SAGA Mode 101 Clearing

Welcome to our Tribes of Midgard SAGA Mode 101 Clearing guide.The very basics of objectives for clearing through SAGA Se.1. We’ll keep you upgraded with extra information once they are released.

Breakdown of Days and How to Handle Them


-Tinkerer to level 3
-Quarry built
-Lumber Mill Built
-Bridge DIscovered
-Bridge Built
-Portal Reopened
-Saga Boss Killed

Day 1:

Spend the day gathering resources. You should focus mostly on stone and iron but be sure to grab a few trees along the way. If you can, try to make your way to the first swamp you run across. You want to find silver as early as you can but also, swamps are great areas for small bones from goblins, stone, iron, and spikes from the dragons if you dare to 1v1 them. A quick tip for fighting them, swing once or twice before stepping back to avoid damage. Rinse and Repeat.

Day 2:

By this point you should have your Tinkerer to level 2. Preferably 3 as this allows you to begin construction of the quarry. By the end of day 3 the quarry should be rebuilt and you should start working on Lumber Mill. Make sure you are regularly upgrading your tools as well for better gathers per node.

(Tinkerer NPC)

Day 3:

This should be the last day you spend trying to get the Lumber Mill and all pre-reqs finished. continue exploring to find the bridge on the map.

Day 4:

Bloodmoon Nights Show up every 4 days. By now you may have invested in leveling up your blacksmith and armorer while all the previously mentioned tasks have been finished. If you havent found the bridge, keep looking.

Day 5:

Bloodmoon is done, but now you have a Jotunn problem. IF you havent already killed it, you should do so now. Take the day killing the giant and make sure everyone loots him afterwards. You need the frags for the portal.

Day 6:

With any luck today you have found the bridge and began construction on it. This can take a few days but with the quarry and the lumber mill rebuilt, you have a steady influx of resources. Continue to explore the map because now you should be making sure you have found all 4 sorcerer markers. You will need this to buy any fragments you are missing by the time you begin opening the portal on the other side of the bridge.

Day 7:

Should you need to, continue work on exploring and gathering souls and building the bridge. You may hopefully have completed this task and have begun working on the portal requirements. Anything you are missing (likely the hideout fragments, quest fragments, and event fragments) You can hop around to all the sorcerer locations in order to buy the remaining fragments for the portal.

Day 8:

Take the day to locate the Jotunn and work his health down if possible. You have a bloodmoon tonight and you need to use this time of peace for the next 2 days and 1 night fighting the Saga Boss. You should be done or nearly done with reopening the portal.

Day 9:

So you have survived a bloodmoon and hopefully finished off Jotunn. Get inside that portal ASAP and begin knocking down that massive HP pool of the Saga Boss. Take your time as you have 2 days and a night to complete this.

Day 10+:

Hopefully you have completed all of the above and you can now bifrost out. But wait. did you know, that if you stay until day 16, yes, 16 not 15, that you can unlock the Warden class? Not only that, but your XP gains are also determined by the amount of time in the game! So sure, you have finished your run, but why leave immediately? You have SO much to gain from this point. With the only threats from here on being the Jotunn and 1 bloodmoon you are sure to hang in there.

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