True Piece Best Perks

Welcome to our True Piece Best Perks guide. Perks are gotten by spinning for them in the character editor. Upon beginning True Piece you will be offered three complimentary perk spins.

After that, each spin will cost you 100 Robux. If you have an in-game promo code totally free spins, that can utilized to redeem spins too.

True Piece Best Perks

Like many other anime RPGs, the One Piece inspired experience True Piece, relies heavily on using benefits, or extra buffs, to help their players be successful. Though the perks in True Piece don’t play as huge of a function as they carry out in other experiences, they’re still essential and ought to be acknowledged. Continue reading below for a list of every perk in True Piece, their rarities, and a short description of each.

Godly Perks

The godly perks are the best in the video game, and at the moment there is only one.

  • Strawhat Haoshoku: Haoshoku activation if you reach low health (no gamepass required)

Legendary Perks – True Piece Best Perks

The famous advantages are much better than the uncommon ones, as you will see just with one of them you enhance the 6 designs.

  • Advanced Busoshoku: Full body Busoshoku, requires 400 Busoshoku Mastery
  • Advanced Kenbunshoku: Reduces Haki cost for dodging.
  • Red Hair Pirate Haoshoku – Buff to all Haoshoku (+ range and – cooldown)
  • Advanced Weapon Busoshoku: Aura and power boost for weapons (while Haki is active)
  • Six Styles: Boost to all six styles >Finger Gun, Instant Transmission, Iron Body, Moonwalk, Paper Arts, & Rankyaku

Rare Perks

The rare perks will enhance each of the designs through boosts.

  • Enhanced Finger Gun: + damage, – cooldown, + critical strike chance.
  • Enhanced Instant Transmission: + range and – cooldown.
  • Tempest Kick (Enhanced): + damage and – the cooldown.
  • Enhanced Iron Body: + block power and + passive armor.
  • Enhanced Moonwalk: + Moonwalk charge and – cooldown.
  • Paper Arts (Enhanced): + Paper Body chance

Common Perks – True Piece Best Perks

Typical advantages are the worst, although they are still advantages and will work to you.

  • Luck: + critical strike chance.
  • Runner: + base movement speed.
  • Vitality: + 20 extra base health

How to Obtain Perks?

Perks are gotten through spins, in the character personalization location, which you can access from the primary game menu. So naturally the next concern is how to get spins.

How to Get Perks Spins?

A spin of benefits expenses 100 Robux. But there is no requirement to spend genuine cash or robux. The creators of the game release codes with complimentary spins practically every day. At the beginning of this guide we have actually left you a link to an updated list of codes. You simply need to check it every day or every two days, given that the codes end after 3 days.

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