ULTRAKILL – Coin Flip How to Use?

ULTRAKILL Coin Flip How to Use?

So the coinflip, the most amazing thing in this universe but its kinda tricky to pull off but hella satisfying. I’ll teach you guys in this guide and some bonus stuff.

  1. Go into the settings and increase your crosshair size so it you have less trouble trying to point that stupid small crosshair at the coin and just use your instincts.
  1. Go into a huge room and practice and flick and soon enough you will learn where the coin will be and when to shoot and is just muscle memory from now on but how will you integrate it into fast combat where you move a ton? Well, now go back into the room and jump then coin flip and THEN:

Do it while strafing in the air. But whats that? You want to combo two coins in the air? 3. Well just flip coin and then look away and do it again but shoot it. Simple as that and if you want, change your crosshair size do it once mastered because its just natural and seamlessly integrated into combat.