Under Maintenance All Endings and Achievements Guide 100%

A guide to get all the achievements in the Under Maintenance as well as unlocking the endings that you can get.

Under Maintenance All Endings and Achievements Guide 100%

Welcome to our Under Maintenance All Endings and Achievements Guide 100%. One of the big things I changed was how to address saves – Creating a new save for each major “decision point” means that you’re free to backtrack to any point you want pretty much. You could theoretically do this by quicksaving and quickloading instead but it might get a bit complicated and this way is just easier to explain.

“Adventure Avoided”

  • Put in your name, your best friend’s name and create your character
  • Create Save #1
  • Use the dating app
  • Close the app

“This is a bar, not a cocktail lounge.”

  • Load Save File #1
  • Go to the bar
  • Order a custom drink
  • Ignore Mark

“This looks like fun…”

  • Load Save File 1
  • Use the dating app
  • Hit Match for Luca
  • Create Save File #2
  • Go with Mark

“Assuming makes an ‘ass’ out of you and me”

  • Load Save File #2
  • Hang out at the bar
  • No worries…
  • Okay smart ass, don’t answer the question…
  • Huh, that is so weird…
  • Etta James!
  • Choice doesn’t matter
  • How about now?
  • I don’t regret my choices, but…
  • Choice doesn’t matter
  • You’ll have to try harder than that
  • Thank you for the coffee
  • Well, technically you said you would call
  • That’s disappointing
  • Haha, you probably should
  • I think I’ll be the judge of that
  • It’s beautiful
  • I mean, I’d be lying if I said I felt nothing at all
  • What are YOU wearing?
  • We just met
  • Aw, she seems nice!
  • Should I be?
  • What do you really want to do?
  • Create Save File #3
  • Future wife!

“Happy you followed your dreams.”

  • Load Save File #3
  • Friend
  • I agree with you

“Onward and upward!”

  • Load Save File #3
  • Um… TBD?
  • I think he has to live his life the way he sees fit
  • Create Save File #4
  • You’re not being serious, are you?

“I’ll have my cake and eat it, too.”

  • Load Save File #4
  • That’s totally up to you

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”

  • Load Save File #1
  • Go to the bar
  • Order Beer
  • Well, What I meant was…
  • What. Exactly. Is. Happening.
  • Choice doesn’t matter
  • So Tuesday is your day off?
  • Back off
  • Sure!
  • Choice doesn’t matter
  • Sure. Let’s talk
  • Create Save File #5
  • Call a Hyper back home

“Mixed signals are for the birds. This one is straightforward.”

  • Load Save File #5
  • Search for a repair service
  • Create Save File #6
  • Why the hell not?

“This user has your number blocked.”

  • Load Save File #6
  • No Way!
  • He sounds fun
  • How about you show me how to do it?
  • We can get aftermarket parts, right?
  • Choice doesn’t matter
  • Drop it
  • I think I gave up on that a while ago
  • Ask about Snake
  • Keep Silent
  • How about the flip phone?
  • Make a move and kiss the dude
  • Yeah
  • Well that sucks but understandable
  • Create Save File #8
  • Want to play a board game instead?
  • What the hell is wrong with you?
  • Yes. Big time
  • I’m just passing by
  • Hey it’s you! The Catfisher!

“You’re more like a friend to me.”

  • Load Save File #8
  • You’re holding the controller wrong
  • Is it me?
  • You have, but so have I
  • Create Save File #9
  • I’m Theo’s Friend

“Everyone loves a man who is good with his hands.”

  • Load Save File #9
  • I guess I’m Theo’s Girlfriend

“Every journey starts with one step…or five”

  • Load Save #1
  • Use the dating app
  • Hit Match for Tristan
  • Head east
  • Keep Walking
  • Keep Walking
  • Keep Walking
  • Keep Walking
  • Keep Walking
  • Create Save File #10
  • Keep Walking

“I love a man with a strong opinion.”

  • Load Save #10
  • Go Inside
  • I ask the man in the corner if I can join him
  • I accept my reward
  • Choice doesn’t matter
  • It takes a lot of courage
  • …not really much into chit chat, thanks
  • I came to review the performance
  • Well, it’s…
  • Admonish him about being rude
  • Create Save #11
  • Agree with Mark

“No one will ever hurt you again…except for me.”

  • Load Save #11
  • Defend Tristan
  • (Give a positive review)
  • Ricky Rodent
  • Can’t put you in a box
  • There’s no time like the present
  • I’m taking a chance
  • Make small talk
  • Of course
  • What if we were something special?
  • Help him out
  • Yeah… uh hi. Again
  • Already tried the basics
  • Thanks!
  • Who wants to talk about work?
  • It’s okay
  • Which car is yours?
  • I always love a good picnic
  • Choice doesn’t matter
  • Choice doesn’t matter
  • Offer to bandage him up
  • Create Save File #12
  • I like a project
  • You couldn’t be

“We drifted apart – should have kept the cat.”

  • Load Save #12
  • We’re two birds of a feather
  • Create Save #13
  • Let’s not find out and take him to the shelter

“Let’s find ourselves together.”

  • Load Save #13
  • You could be

“Going out is exhausting.”

  • Load Save #1
  • Go to the bar
  • Order Custom Drink
  • Talk to Mark about the mixup
  • Oh, So that’s what you were trying to say!
  • Sorry to disappoint you
  • Tell Mark not to be an ass
  • Create Save #14
  • I’ll pass

“Say no to Red Flags.”

  • Load Save #14
  • Sure!
  • Keep quiet
  • Call him out
  • You’re right, I don’t care
  • They are kind of
  • Maybe a little
  • Maybe a little
  • It’s been a while for me too
  • Create Save #15
  • Ditch him

“It was just a fling to pass the time.”

  • Load Save #15
  • Wait for Mark
  • Don’t talk about your day
  • Well, if the shoe fits…
  • How can you say gross then?
  • It was interesting
  • Humble? It’s nice!
  • Only if you wear a speedo
  • I… think you’re kind of special too
  • Why haven’t your parents helped?
  • Create Save #16
  • Then change
  • I do, but…
  • Ahem
  • Well, about that…
  • Create Save #17
  • Well…

“The distance is better for us both.”

  • Load Save #17
  • Yeah, let’s continue

“Vagabond Journey to the Unknown!”

  • Load Save #16
  • Then what am I?
  • Absolutely!
  • He is cuter…
  • Yes
Written by Deiru

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