V Rising Crafting Recipes

Welcome to our V Rising crafting recipes guide. Our guide has all the information you need. You will learn how to craft by following the steps one by one.

Crafting is certainly considered one among V Rising’s maximum vital mechanics. Without it, you won’t be capable of create or improve guns and armor, create gadgets to exchange with NPCs, or construct your self a gorgeous castle. If you need so one can keep your very own in even the very best fights, you’ll need to get acquainted with crafting.

If you’ve ever performed Minecraft, V Rising’s crafting gadget will probable experience acquainted to you. Most recipes require a few sort of Workbench, of which there are numerous varieties, to facilitate construction. A handful of early recipes don’t require a Workbench, however those won’t get you very far. Once you’ve located and unlocked the right Workbenches, you’ll want to locate or free up a crafting recipe for every object you need to make.

V Rising Crafting Recipes

The humble V Rising whetstone is one of the maximum precious sources you want to discover for crafting withinside the game. You want whetstone to construct a number of the important thing centers on your base, which includes a grinder to reduce stone into bricks. However, it’s now no longer an object you could get without difficulty on this vampire-themed crafting game.

You have alternatives in case you need to discover V Rising whetstone. You can discover it out withinside the international via way of means of looting particular enemies or you could free up the cappotential to craft it from the consolation of your very very own V Rising castle. The latter is some distance much less worrying and time-consuming, however you need to seek out one of the many bosses and kill them earlier than you could craft those precious items.

Of course, that is all on pinnacle of keeping your castle’s V Rising blood essence levels, that you want to hold crowned as much as hold your machines whirring away and your base from decaying. There’s plenty to hold song of withinside the RPG game, so that will help you out, here’s wherein you could discover whetstone in V Rising and the whole thing you want to do to free up the cappotential to craft whetstone from uncooked materials.

V Rising Whetstone Locations

You can find V Rising whetstone in one of the five large bandit camps in Farbane Woods. Of course, not all bandit camps will have whetstone, but luckily there’s a cheeky way of finding out in advance. When you approach a bandit camp, open the map and hover your mouse cursor over the top of the camp ahead of you. This brings up a list of loot that you can plunder, so if that list has whetstone, you are guaranteed to find at least one.

Check everywhere in the camp, including the corpses of slain bandits, chests, and even barrels or crates. Once you’re confident that you’ve looked in every nook and cranny, you can head to the next camp. Everything in the camps will respawn after a while, so you could theoretically farm these locations until you have a stack of them.

V Rising Crafting Recipes
V Rising Crafting Recipes

V Rising How to Craft Whetstone

To get the V Rising whetstone recipe, you need to defeat Grayson Thea Armourer. He is a level 27 boss you can find in Farbane Woods. He doesn’t have a fixed location as it changes between V Rising servers, so we recommend that you raise your gear score to around level 27, then use a Blood Altar at your base to track him down. Follow the blood trail that appears on-screen until you find him.

To beat him, you can use the four suits of armour that rest on pedestals around the arena. These grant you temporary invincibility so you can walk through the caltrops he scatters without taking any damage. Doing this should give you more room to dodge his other attacks, but use the armour sparingly as there are only four suits around you. When Grayson gets down to two-thirds of his maximum health, regular bandit enemies will leap into the arena to help him. If you’re doing the fight during the daytime then half of the arena is shrouded in darkness, so you’ll have a bit less space to work with.

Eventually, he will fall in battle, leaving him helpless for you to extract his V Blood and unlock the whetstone recipe at the furnace. Here are the items you need to craft V Rising whetstone:

  • Copper ingot x1
  • Stone dust x12

You can get copper ingots by mining the orange copper rocks you find in the world for ore – just bear in mind that you’ll need a reinforced bone mace to do so before smelting them into ingots at the furnace. Each copper ingot requires 60 copper ore and 480 stone. You get stone dust as a byproduct of making stone bricks with 12 raw stones at your grinder.

With that, you should now have a readily available supply of V Rising whetstone. If you’re struggling to get more specialist items, we’ve got some other V Rising tips for you. Check out our V Rising leather guide, while those getting started may want to find a V Rising horse as soon as possible to help make moving around less of a chore.

V Rising Crafting Unlocks

V Rising Crafting Recipes
V Rising Crafting Recipes

Many of the various Workbenches and other fundamental Buildings used in V Rising Crafting are unlocked by defeating bosses, but that’s not the only way you can unlock items sometimes, you can loot them in the world.

Most of the cosmetic items in the game (such as furniture, curtains, and statues) can be unlocked through the three research tables using Books; otherwise, you can research random recipes using Paper, Scrolls, or Schematics.

Crafting Recipes

V Rising Crafting Recipes
V Rising Crafting Recipes

Simple Workbench

  • Used for basic Crafting of weapons, armor, and other items.
  • Unlocked during the tutorial.

Woodworking Bench

  • Used for making Crossbows, Sculptured Wood, Painting Frames, and Fishing Poles.
  • Unlocked by defeating the V Blood Carrier Rufus the Foreman.

Alchemy Bench

  • Used to make Explosives and various Potions.
  • Unlocked by defeating the V Blood Carrier Clive the Firestarter.

Tailoring Bench

  • Used to make certain Armor and other items using threads and cloth.
  • Unlocked by defeating the V Blood Carrier Quincey the Bandit King.


  • Used to make Iron-based weaponry.
  • Unlocked by defeating the V Blood Carrier Quincey the Bandit King.

Gem Cutting Table

  • Used to combine several low-quality gems into higher-quality gems.
  • Unlocked by defeating the V Blood Carrier Terah the Geomancer.

Jewelcrafting Table

  • Used to make magical artifacts such as Rings.
  • Unlocked by defeating the V Blood Carrier Leandra the Shadow Priestess.


  • Used to craft high-end weapons and armor.
  • Unlocked by defeating Octavian the Militia Captain.



  • Converts Wood into Planks.
  • Unlocked during the tutorial.


  • Smelts various Ores into Bars, such as Copper and Iron.
  • Unlocked during the tutorial.

Blood Press

  • Converts Hearts into Essence and can upgrade Essence into higher tiers (such as Greater Essence).
  • Unlocked during the tutorial.

Vermin Nest

  • Spawns Rats when filled with Fiber and Bones.
  • Unlocked during the tutorial.


  • Converts Animal Skin into Leather.
  • Unlocked by defeating Keely the Frost Archer.

The Devourer

  • Deconstructs items into their base materials.
  • Unlocked by defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer.


  • Converts Stone into Stone Bricks, among other recipes. Essential for building Castles.
  • Unlocked during the tutorial.


  • Can raise Undead, which you can later kill for their drops.
  • Unlocked by defeating the V Blood Carrier Goreswine the Ravager.


  • Turns base materials into threads and fabrics.
  • Unlocked by defeating the V Blood Carrier Beatrice the Tailor.

Paper Press

  • Can make Paper, Scrolls, and Schematics from base materials, all of which are used for unlocking new items at the various Research tables.
  • Unlocked through the Study.


Research Desk

  • Allows you to unlock the first tier of items.
  • Unlocked during the tutorial.


  • Allows you to unlock the second tier of items.
  • Unlocked by defeating the V Blood Carrier Nicholaus the Fallen.


  • Allows you to unlock the third tier of items.
  • Unlocked by defeating the V Blood Carrier Raziel the Shepherd.


Blood Altar

  • Allows you to track a V Blood Carriers as long as your Gear level is high enough.
  • Unlocked during the tutorial.

Servant Coffin

  • A place for your Servants to rest.
  • Unlocked during the tutorial.

Prison Cell

  • Can be used to hold Charmed Humans in captivity.
  • Unlocked by defeating the V Blood Carrier Vincent the Frostbringer.

Castle Throne

  • Allows you to command your Servants.
  • Unlock process unknown.

The Eye of Twilight

  • Allows you to see the current location of Soul Shards.
  • Unlock process unknown.


Small Stash

  • Holds 14 stacks of items.
  • Unlocked during the tutorial.

Big Stash

  • Holds 21 stacks of items.
  • Unlocked by defeating the V Blood Varrier Errol the Stonebreaker.

‘Omen’ Slim Bookcase & ‘Distinguished’ Slim Bookcase

  • Holds 28 stacks of items.
  • Unlocked through the Research Table.

‘Omen’ Wide Bookcase & ‘Distinguished’ Wide Bookcase

  • Holds 42 stacks of items.
  • Unlocked through the Athenaeum.

‘Distinguished’ Wardrobe & ‘Omen’ Wardrobe

  • Holds 35 stacks of items.
  • Unlocked through the Study.

‘Ambrosia’ Slim Blood Case

  • Holds 28 stacks of items.
  • Unlocked through the Study.

‘Ambrosia’ Wide Blood Case

  • Holds 42 stacks of items.
  • Unlocked through the Athenaeum.

Vampire Lockbox

  • A storage chest that cannot be stolen from and holds 14 stacks of items.
  • Limited to 1 total.
  • Unlocked during the tutorial.

Other Unlocks


  • Allows you to customize the look of your vampire.
  • Unlocked during the tutorial.

Water Supply

  • Provides a supply of water for maintaining Horses and crafting various Potions.
  • Different versions unlocked through the Research Table, Study, and Athenaeum.

Vampire Waygate

  • Can be placed within your Territory.
  • Allows you and members of your Clan to teleport to any other Vampire Waygate in the world.
  • Unlocked by defeating Polora the Feywalker.

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