V Rising How to Find & Keep Blood Type Forever 100%

Welcome to our V Rising How to Find & Keep Blood Type Forever 100% guide. In V Rising, it can be challenging to maintain a specific blood type, especially in early-game. However, the Prisoner System comes to change that.

V Rising How to Find & Keep Blood Type Forever 100%

With no limitations once unlocked, you can build as many prison cells as you can and enslave as many humans as you wish to ensure your 100% preferred blood types never run out of stock! But keep in mind that prisoners require lots of food to stay alive and provide. In this V Rising Prisoner Guide, we share every step of the way to keep any 100% bloodtype forever, especially in combination with a series of tricks to save your precious blood.

How to Find & Keep 100% Blood Type

00:00 – Intro to V Rising’s Prisoner System
00:39 – 1. How to Build a Prison Dungeon?
01:46 – 2. Finding Pure Blood Enemies & Skills To Do It
03:02 – 3. Populating Prison Cells & Basic Options
04:14 – 4. Feeding Your Prisoners & Keeping Them Alive
05:53 – 5. Ensuring Misery Levels Remain Low
07:29 – 6. Crafting Glass Flasks & Draining Blood
08:32 – 7. Build Matching Prison Floors for a Buff
09:08 – 8. Exception. Can’t Imprison Creatures
09:46 – 9. Focus Blood Bank vs. Diversified Blood Bank
10:31 – 10. Save Pure 100% Blood with Several Tricks!
11:15 – Final Remarks & Outro

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About V Rising

A Gothic Open-World

Explore a vast world teeming with mythical horrors and danger. Travel through lush forests, open countryside, and dark caverns to discover valuable resources, meeting friends and foes alike along the way. Traverse the world with vampire comrades or hunt solo as you pillage villages, raid bandits, and delve into the domains of supernatural beasts.

Fear the light – Rule the night

Stick to the shadows during the daytime, or the burning sunlight will turn you to ashes. Roam the night and prey on your victims in the darkness. As a vampire, you must quench your thirst for blood while planning your strategies around the day and nighttime.

Raise your Castle

Gather resources and discover ancient techniques to gain dark powers. Use your newly acquired knowledge to build a castle where you can store your loot and grow your army of darkness. Personalize your domain, exhibit your vampiric style and make sure to craft coffins for servants and friends. Strengthen your castle to protect your treasure hoard from vampire rivals.

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