Venture Tale Best Class

Welcome to our Venture Tale Best Class guide. Looking for the ultimate guide to Roblox Venture Tale best classes? We’ve got you covered in this Venture Tale guide!

Updated on 02.4.2023

Venture Tale Best Class

Free classes and how to unlock locked classes!

Venture Tale Best Class
Venture Tale Best Class

The team at Venture Tale has developed the Roblox Venture Tale action role-playing game. You can explore different dungeons in this game while acquiring new equipment and tools to develop your own special playstyle.


Unlocked Classes

  • Hammer : A two-handed, very slow, melee weapon with heavy damage, Hammers provide a high level of supporting capabilities with its Defense Shred and Knockback.
  • Spear . A two-handed, medium speed, melee weapon with medium damage, Spears provide a longer-ranged melee attack that can keep enemies at bay.
  • Axe : A one-handed, medium speed, melee weapon with heavier damage, Axes are the weapon of choice for those who want to keep enemies at bay.
  • Sword : A one-handed, fast, melee weapon with medium damage, Swords are a classic choice for dealing damage up close.
  • Dagger : A one-handed, very fast, melee weapon with light damage, Daggers are perfect for dealing a lot of damage in quick bursts.

Locked Classes

  • Great Sword : Requirements: Level 20 Hammer, Sword, 2500 Ayagems: A two-handed, medium-speed, large melee weapon with heavier damage, Greatswords can dish out a large amount of damage to a large group of enemies
  • Polearm : Requirements: Level 20 Hammer, Level 20 Axe, 2500 Ayagems: A two-handed, slow, melee weapon with heavy damage, Polearms can easily cleave down hoards of enemies, excelling in AoE damage.
  • Rapier : Requirements: Level 20 Spear, Level 20 Sword, 2500 Ayagems: A one-handed, fast, melee weapon with light damage, Rapiers are versatile in both offense and defense, easily becoming a Jack-of-all-Trades weapon.

Defensive – Venture Tale Best Class

Unlocked Classes

  • Shield : A one-handed, small shield that blocks a medium amount of damage, Shields provide the user an extra bit of defense that could go a long way.

Locked Classes

  • Tower Shield : Requirements: Level 20 Hammer, Level 20 Shield, 2500 Ayagems: A two-handed, large shield that blocks a lot of damage and can also attack, Tower Shields, provide their party members with healthy defense and their enemies with powerful blows.


Unlocked Classes

  • Bow : A two-handed, medium-speed, long-ranged weapon with medium damage, Bows are a versatile weapon that can perform well in both single-target and AoE damage.
  • Crossbow : A one-handed, fast, long-ranged weapon with light damage, Crossbows excel in providing a constant stream of damage on a single target.

Magic – Venture Tale Best Class

Unlocked Classes

  • Staff : A two-handed, slow, long-ranged magic weapon with medium damage, Staffs provide mages with a lot of magical power.
  • Wand : A one-handed, medium speed, long-ranged magic weapon with light damage, Wands give mages the option to be more versatile and branch out into other classes.

Locked Classes

  • Book : Requirements: Level 20 Dagger, Level 20 Wand, 2500 Ayagems: A one-handed, attack-less weapon armed with a variety of spells, Books are perfect for the mage who just can’t stop casting

About Venture Tale

Welcome to the Venture Tale!

Venture Tale’s gameplay is set around exploring mysterious dungeons, acquiring better items, and gradually getting stronger.

Venture Tale is a Roblox game that includes a ton of dungeon crawling opportunities. Traverse through an abundance of destinations as you battle against dangerous hordes. With a level cap of 40, you can take your time as you discover new items to experiment with. You can then upgrade your equipment, allowing you to become even stronger!

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