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We Were Here Forever Walkthrough & Achievements Guide 100%

Welcome to our We Were Here Forever Walkthrough & Achievements 100% guide. This guide will contein all the information you need to complete this game like puzzle solution’s and how to get all the achievements.

Updated on 05.14.2022

We Were Here Forever Walkthrough & Achievements Guide 100%

We will be adding information about achievements and puzzles as we discover it.

Video Guide Walkthrough & Gameplay

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Of course, the objective of this walkthrough is to help you get through the game if you get stuck or can’t figure out a puzzle; keep in mind that communication is crucial: puzzles must be solved, but there’s also a timing and cooperation component. This is not a game you can play by yourself or alone; both players must put up equal effort in order to achieve a common goal.

Achievements Guide

A Way Out of Here

  • Escaped from the prisons

Two Halves

  • Escaped from the chasm

Best Friends Forever

  • Invite a friend to play We Were Here Forever!

This Takes Two

  • Escaped from the Jesters’ Toybox


  • Escaped from the deep dungeons


  • Assisted in escaping from the deep dungeons

Live Entertainment

  • Survived the trials

Blood Sport

  • Assisted in escaping from the trials

Mind Games

  • Escaped from the Jesters’ realm

Escape Royale

  • Escaped from the keep

Guess Whomst?

  • Discovered the realms’ defiance

Get A Head of Yourself

  • Assisted in solving the riddles

Capitulum Carnival

  • Solved the riddles

Refrain of Resistance

  • Discovered the secrets of the Resistance


  • Realigned the light beam

The Royal Graveyard

  • Entered the Royal Cemetery

The Sunken Mines

  • Entered the Sunken Mines

Obsolete Obol

  • Unlocked the catacombs

The Ruins of Rockbury

  • Entered the Ruins of Rockbury

Connecting the Dots

  • Refueled the Nautilus

The Coordinator

  • Obtained the rete of the Astrolabe

Aquatic Claustrophobic

  • Navigated the sunken mines


  • Assisted in navigating the sunken mines


  • Discovered Rockbury’s secret

Bangle Angle

  • Assisted in discovering Rockbury’s secret

Dome of Creation

  • Reforged the base of the Astrolabe

Grave Sins

  • Assisted in unlocking the treasure vault

Descendants Inheritance

  • Unlocked the treasure vault

Cache Chase

  • Discovered hidden treasures

X Marks the Plot

  • Assisted in discovering hidden treasures

Diplomatic Entity

  • Assisted in negotiations with the guardian

Monster Bargain

  • Negotiated with the guardian


  • Restored the device

One Must Remain

  • Escaped from Castle Rock

The Seer

  • Obtained the lens of the Astrolabe

The Solution

  • Unlocked the Bell Tower


  • Paid the ultimate price


  • Escaped.. but at what cost?

The Foundation

  • Obtained the base of the Astrolabe

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