Where to Find Saintly Quintessence in Lords Of The Fallen

The Sanguinarix serves as your dedicated healing item that replenishes when you rest in Lords of the Fallen. Furthermore, just like in other Souls-like games, you have the option to upgrade these items, providing players with a crucial advantage when facing some of the game’s most challenging foes. Nevertheless, locating these items can be quite challenging, so we’re here to provide guidance on where to find Quintessence locations in Lords of the Fallen.

What is Saintly Quintessence?

Saintly Quintessence is a crucial Upgrade Material in Lords of the Fallen. This material is specifically used to enhance the level and effects of the Sanguinarix, a weapon in the game. Players should seek out Pieta at Skyrest Bridge to facilitate the upgrade process for the Sanguinarix. Upgrade Materials hold great significance as they contribute to increasing the level and bolstering the stats of various equipment pieces, including Weapons, Armor, and Shields. Among these essential items, the Sanguinarix and Umbral Lamp are notable recipients of these improvements.

Saintly Quintessence is an item used to upgrade the Sanguinarix.

Where to Find Saintly Quintessence In Lords Of The Fallen

Where to Find Saintly Quintessence in Lords of the Fallen

You can locate Saintly Quintessence in the following locations:

  1. Defiled Sepulchre: After defeating several Corrupted Penitent enemies following the Withered Health tutorial, use Soulflay to access the Umbral Belly protruding from the wall and obtain a Saintly Quintessence.
  2. Pilgrim’s Perch: After defeating Scourged Sister Delyth, and if you’re not already in the Umbral realm, utilize your Umbral Lamp to enter the land of the dead. Here, you’ll discover an Umbral Belly in a small alcove, near where Delyth was initially found. Soulflay it to acquire a Saintly Quintessence.
  3. Forsaken Fen: Upon exiting the cave where the Petrified Woman is located, retrace your steps to the left through the rock formations where you encountered the stilt enemy. Follow the path on the right. Eventually, you’ll come across a hut on your right. Before entering, follow the path to its end. There, you’ll find an Umbral Belly guarded by a few Remnants and the Womb of Despair. After defeating them, use Soulflay on the Umbral Belly to retrieve a Saintly Quintessence.
  4. Fitzroy’s Gorge: After defeating the Mendacious Visage mini-boss, employ Soulflay on the Umbral Belly attached to the large tree to claim a Saintly Quintessence.
  5. Lower Calrath & Upper Calrath: Follow the path down to an Umbral Belly, which you can Soulflay to obtain a Saintly Quintessence. This is located near the large tree with a hanging corpse.
  6. Revelation Depths: Climb the ladder and, as soon as you dismount from the ladder, you’ll notice the opportunity to extend the nearest platform with Soulflay. Use this platform extension to access a larger platform. Be cautious as this platform will spawn numerous enemies, with Mendacious Visage as the leader. This platform may also spawn a Womb of Despair enemy. Clear all enemies, then employ Soulflay on the Umbral Belly to receive one Saintly Quintessence. You can also find an Enervated Vigor Skull nearby.
  7. Path of Devotion: Proceed along the path from the Vestige of Dieter until you reach a hill. Next to the hill, there are some graves. Transition to the Umbral realm to reveal a platform. Perform a running jump to reach the platform, clear the area of enemies, and Soulflay the Umbral Belly to acquire a Saintly Quintessence.
  8. The Empyrean: Within a room featuring two pairs of Abiding Defenders, you’ll encounter more pairs of them as you explore both paths on either side. The path on the left leads to an Umbral Belly that you can Soulflay after transitioning to the Umbral realm, resulting in a Saintly Quintessence.
  9. Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters: Starting from the Umbral Flowerbed in the Rapturous Huntress of the Dusk arena, ascend the stairs on the left and circle around the hall. Head upstairs and continue circling around the hall until you reach the first opening on your right. Proceed through this opening that leads outside, head down the stairs, and transition into the Umbral realm. Pass through the gate and Soulflay the Umbral Belly to retrieve a Saintly Quintessence.
  10. Bramis Castle: Commencing from the Umbral Flowerbed in the tower, continue your path straight up beyond the mini-boss battle. Once you reach the terrace, Soulflay the target to create a bridge. Cross the bridge and climb the ladder upward. In the upper right corner, you’ll find an Umbral Belly. Soulflay this to receive a Saintly Quintessence.

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