WorldBox God Simulator Hard Achievements (New Update)

Welcome to our WorldBox God Simulator Hard Achievements (New Update) guide. This guide is to help you get all the bad achievements that are very vague and stuff.

Updated on 05.30.2022

WorldBox God Simulator Hard Achievements (New Update)

And thats it, those are mainly for the ones with no description. This guide is to help you get all the bad achievements that are very vague and stuff.You can basically find out how to get the other ones by reading the descriptions for them.

Hard Achievements for New Update

  • Life is a sim : Play the game for 24 hours straight no getting off
  • King of kings : Give a king 20+ traits without giving it scar of divinity
  • The accomplished : Give unit veteran, mage slayer, king slayer, dragon slayer without scar
  • The demon : Give a demon 10+ traits without scar
  • The broken : Give a unit skin burns, crippled, and eye patch
  • Planet of the apes : Spawn 100+ monkeys in a jungle world
  • Super mushroom : Power up a mush unit
  • The princess : Bless a frog
  • Greg : Turn on greg from the debug menu and wait until greg spawns
  • Ninja turtle : Get a turtle to level 10
  • The hell : Spawn 700+ demons into an infernal biome world
  • Let’s not : Pour acid on a dirt world until everything is the acid biome
  • World war : Have 10+ kingdoms go to war
  • Great plague : Infect 1000+ people with the plague
  • Touch the grass : Use the finger tool on grass from the plains biome
  • Tornado : Curse a tornado until its super massive
  • The corrupted trees : Go to the world laws menu and click the trees on the top in this order, 1 6 2 5 3 4
  • God mode : In the settings, click on the burger until a button appears in the top right, click it and you have it

Without Premium

  • Place 10000 Creatures: 10000 creatures born in total gameplay
  • 1000 bombs: Drop 1000 bombs of any type (bomb, napalm bomb, atomic bomb, antimatter bomb, and Tsar Bomba).
  • Megapolis: One village reaches a population of 200 or more
  • Lava strike: Use lightning power and strike lightning on a pool of lava.
  • Find Wilhelm: Click on the human figure up on the title screen
  • Burger!: Click on the Burger figure up on the settings page
  • Mayday: Use lightning power and strike lightning on a Robot Santa.
  • Destroy WorldBox: Click the WorldBox logo multiple times until all letters fall off, then click it one more time
  • World builder: Click on the “create a new world” option then click the button “create”
  • Moisturize me!: Spawn a piranha on a land tile.
  • Sacrifice: Spawn a sheep on a lava tile.
  • Love: Use “printer – heart” power once. That is in the “Other various powers” category.
  • Don’t try this at Home: Use heat ray power on any TNT other than timed TNT.

Require Premium

These are all the Premium Achievements and how to unlock them

  • Middle-earth: The map has at least one human village, one elf village, one orc village, and one dwarf village.
  • Baby tornado: Use lightning power and strike lightning on a tornado. Every strike breaks a tornado to two smaller tornados. Strike until one tornado reach its minimum size.
  • Ant world: The map has at least 10 blue ants, 10 green ants, 10 black ants, and 10 red ants. They are at the rightmost corner of the creatures category.
  • Last resort: Drop any nukes (atomic bomb or Tsar Bomba) on a Grey Goo tile.
  • Move it!: Spawn a god finger, switch to lightning power and strike it.
  • The Pie: the world list, go down to the bottom and click the “thanks for playing!” Button. which causes it to fall off and turn into another button that says, “UNDER CONSTRUCTION, FINISH LATER” which you tap on again. which changes to “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” which you click again to get the image of a pumpkin pie, and 5 living houses. click the houses until they all fall off and then click on the pie to get the achievement.

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