XCOM: Chimera Squad – Achievements Guide 100%

Achievements Guide

Investigation Achievements

City on Fire

Complete the tutorial.

After completing the tutorial, your squad will arrive at their new base. You’ll be given a tour around the interface, but especially the City Map. At this point, you’ll be able to choose from three investigations. Which one you choose will determine what story missions you’ll have on the City Map.

The primary missions will appear in Purple. When you complete these, you’ll unlock more things for the investigation until you find out the faction leader. Continue to follow these Purple missions until you clear up the entire investigation. There are a total of three investigations:

Child’s Play

Complete the Progeny Investigation

Sacred Foiled

Complete the Sacred Coil Investigation

Phoenix Down

Complete the Gray Phoenix Investigation

As you move through the investigations, you’ll have periodic windows pop-up where you’ll have to choose a story direction. While I’m unsure of the timeline specifically, these options do change the narrative of the investigation and there is an achievement related to them.

Every Timeline

Complete all versions of each Faction’s Takedown mission over multiple campaigns.

There are two difficulty related achievements for Chimera Squad. Completing the game on any difficulty and completing the game on Impossible difficulty. If you’ve chosen to play through with Impossible right off the bat, you’ll earn both achievements at the same time.

Heroes of City 31

Win the campaign.

Impossible Dream

Win the campaign on Impossible difficulty.

Research Achievements

No Stone Left Unturned

Complete every Spec Op at least once in a single campaign.

When at the base interface on the right-hand side, click the orange plate to open up the Spec Ops menu. From here, you can assign your squad-mates to various assignments that will yield rewards. Complete all missions here throughout the campaign.

Hammer and Tongs

Complete 20 Assembly Projects in a single campaign.

Clicking on the blue plate to open up the Assembly menu, you’ll have various items to research by assigning your squad-mate to the interface. Complete twenty of these projects and you’ll net this achievement.

Machine Learning

Fully upgrade an Android.

You’ll be able to purchase Android upgrades from the Assembly menu. At a certain upgrade, you’ll have the ability to upgrade your Android in the Armory. There are four slots that need to be filled. You don’t have to upgrade to Perfect Androids. Just enough to fill in those four slots!

Capture Achievements

You’ll find these enemies when doing specific investigations.

Bottled Lightning

Capture a Sorcerer
Found in the Progeny Investigation.

Use the Large Cuffs

Capture a Praetorian
Found in the Gray Phoenix Investigation.

Caged Sword

Capture a Ronin
Found in Sacred Coil investigation.

Agent Achievements

A New Look

Launch a mission with no human agents in the squad.

The more Agents you unlock, the easier this will be to setup. Simply start a mission with no humans on your squad. You’ll need a minimum of four agents that are non-human to do this achievement.

Chimera Unleashed

Use every Agent in at least one mission.

There are a total of 11 Agents in Chimera Squad:

  • Godmother
  • Terminal
  • Verge
  • Shelter
  • Patchwork
  • Claymore
  • Blueblood
  • Axiom
  • Torque
  • Zephyr
  • Cherub

Simply use one of them in a single mission and you’ll get this achievement. You’ll unlock more Agents as you go and you’ll want to experiment, so this is a fairly natural achievement to get.


Reach max rank with all Agents in a single campaign.

There are 11 Agents that you’ll have to get to max rank. While I’m unsure the specifics, it seems like you get experience quick enough that you’ll naturally get this so long as you’re using all of your Agents periodically through the campaign. Their rank can be viewed in the Armory.

Book Smart

Complete all of one Agent’s class training.

On the right-hand side of the base interface, you’ll see a green plate. Click this and you’ll access the Training menu. From here, you can select an Agent and train them over a period of days. Complete the class training for one Agent and you’ll get this.

Agent-Specific Achievements

Extra Hours

As Godmother, activate Overtime and down an enemy on both turns.

…Makes the Dream Work

Complete an objective with an action from Terminal’s Cooperation.

This is the third rank upgrade that Terminal gets. On a mission that has objectives (ex: Contraband) and use her ability on another Agent so they get another turn. Use that Agent to complete the objective and you’ll get this achievement easily.

Mind Nuke

Use Verge to do 10 or more damage with one Mindflay.

Mindflay is the third rank upgrade for Verge. When using his Psi abilities, enemies affected will be added to his Neutral Network. Get about four enemies in this Network and then use his Mindflay. The ability itself does 2-3 average damage, so you could try five enemies to be safe.

Chain Reaction

Use Claymore to detonate a Shrapnel Bomb with another explosive.

Ducks in a Row

Use Blueblood to hit 3 or more enemies with one Phase Lance shot.

Kill Switch

Hack an enemy Android with Patchwork and trigger Self-Destruct.

Daisy Chain

Relocate the same unit with Shelter and his ghost in one turn.


Use Zephyr to hit 3 or more enemies with one use of Crowd Control.

Crowd Control is the third rank ability for Zephyr. When there are three or more enemies grouped in a single location, use the Crowd Control ability on all three. The radius is rather small so they’ll have to be grouped up pretty well. Likely, you’ll need Zephyr closer too.

Watch your Step

Use Torque to Tongue Pull an enemy into poison.

Torque has her Poison Spit ability at the third rank. Throw down your Poison Spit near an enemy and then use the Tongue ability to relocate them into the Poison. You don’t have to kill them, just bring them into that gooey green pool.

Anger Management

Kill an enemy with Axiom while Berserk.

Axiom has the Rage ability, which gives him higher chances of disabling effects the more Rage he has. Increasing his Rage can also force him to go Berserk. Pop Rage as much as you can and get close to some enemies. Let them hit you so the damage increases the rage. Once Berserk, he should kill an enemy if their HP is low enough.

Need a Lift

Move a VIP with Shelter’s Relocate and Torque’s Tongue Pull.


Have Kinetic Armor on all 4 squad members at once.

Cherub utilizes an ability that casts Kinetic Armor on nearby squad-mates. Another player indicated the best way to do this is to play an extraction mission and have all your teammates side-by-side before using the ability. This should get you the achievement easily.

Combat Achievements

…and Clear

Clear an entire encounter during the Breach turn.

This is best done on the easiest difficulty with your most aggressive Agents. I’d recommend using Godmother, as she tends to have a lot of damage with her shotgun. I would also stray away from using Zephyr as her melee ability is done after the breach itself.

I’ll Let Myself In

Use every type of Breach point.

I’m currently unsure how many Breach points there are. I would recommend swapping out your Agents periodically as some have different ways of breaching inherent to their character. I’m also positive that items purchased from Assembly can help you access certain Breach points.

Army of One

Complete a mission with only one Agent left standing.

It was easy enough to complete on a VIP mission. Evacuate all your Agents except for one. Then evacuate the VIP. The last Agent should trick the achievement into thinking you’ve only got one Agent left and you’ll net the achievement.

Otherwise, simply load up the easiest difficulty and get to a basic mission. Let three of your Agents die while making sure to stabilize them as needed. Then complete the rest of the easy mission with the Agent of your choice; I would recommend Zephyr for this personally.

Pacifist Route

Complete a mission without killing a single enemy.

Using the Subdue ability, you can easily get this on a one-encounter mission. I’d recommend doing it on the easiest difficulty and adding items into Agent utility slots that make their Subdue do more damage. If you have Zephyr, her Field Agent ability allows her attacks to knock unconscious instead of kill too.

Up Close and Personal

Complete an encounter by only dealing damage with melee attacks.

The same way you get the Pacifist achievement. Use your Subdue ability on all the enemies in a mission and you’ll get this. Again, best done with Zephyr on the easiest difficulty. Be sure to add the utility items that makes Subdue more powerful.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Reinforced Steel

Replace an Agent mid-mission with an Android.

You should have Androids unlocked. Click on the box on the right-hand side of the base interface to enter Supply. Click on the last icon to categorize and purchase the Android for $150. You have the option to deploy them when you start another mission at the City Map.

This is best done on a mission that has multiple encounters. Allow one of your agents to die in combat during the first encounter. Once stabilized and you’ve cleared that encounter, you’ll have the option to deploy this android during the Breach. Do this and get the achievement.

Field Commander

Unlock all Field Abilities.

Access the City Map and you’ll notice that each area has a small square in the right-hand side of the nameplate. Clicking this will allow you to access your Field Team. There is Finance, Security, and Technology with three upgrades for each. Get all nine for the achievement.

Friendly Neighborhood XCOM

Have Rank 3 Field Teams in all nine districts.

You can choose from one of the three categories for each of the nine Field Teams. Choose one and then upgrade them to rank three using Intel. Once you’ve gotten Rank 3 for every single district on the City Map, you’ll earn this achievement.

Superior Firepower

Equip an Epic Weapon.

At certain points, the Scavenger Shop will open up. There will be three random choices to purchase for Intel. Sometimes, these are weapons or various rarity. Purchasing one will not only be an incredible boon to your squad, but also get you this achievement.

You can also receive these from various City Map missions. You might have to progress forward in the campaign a bit, but it’s always worth checking every mission to see which one will give you an epic weapon.

Thank You For Your Business

Buy 20 unique Scavenger Market items in a single campaign.

The Scavenger Shop opens periodically throughout the game. You’ll get three random choices to purchase for Intel. Once you’ve purchased from the Scavenger Shop twenty times, you’ll get this achievement.


3 thoughts on “XCOM: Chimera Squad – Achievements Guide 100%”

  1. Regarding the Overqualified achievement:

    “There are 11 Agents that you’ll have to get to max rank. While I’m unsure the specifics, it seems like you get experience quick enough that you’ll naturally get this so long as you’re using all of your Agents periodically through the campaign. Their rank can be viewed in the Armory.”

    is incorrect. You only get to recruit 8 of the 11 agents per campaign, and you need those 8 to reach max rank.

    I started actively pursuing this achievement mid-way through the campaign, and actually missed it by an inch with 6 agents leveled up and the remaining 2 on Rank 4/5.

    There’s a Spec Ops mission unlocked when the first of your agents reaches Rank 5, which takes 5 days of a Rank 5 agent, and then gives a +20% exp boost for the following 5 days. Meaning you can keep this running continously by keeping one Rank 5 agent on it.

    So, to complete the achievement, you need to make a dedicated effort from the beginning of the game, try to rush any one agent to Rank 5, and from that point on make sure to keep a Rank 5 agent on that spec ops mission every day, whilst at the same time avoiding to take any Rank 5 agents with you on missions, to ensure the ‘newbies’ get as much experience as possible.

    It should be ‘easily’ possible when employing those two strategies, but you’ll definitely not get the achievement by playing ‘naturally’ (which might include dumping an agent you picked up, but didn’t like into the assembly till near the end of the campaign).

  2. “Up Close…” is easily done on Encounter 2 of the tutorial mission. Don’t shoot during the breach and just subdue / bash all the enemies

  3. An easier way to do the “Pacifist Route” achievement is to just equip all of your squad members with tranq rounds.

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